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5 American breweries to explore in the USA

Craft beer has gone mainstream with micro-breweries and niche brands taking over the world of pubs and bars. Mundane tastes are being replaced by beer rich and diverse in flavours and colours. The artisanal ale movement began in America and, of course, that means you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beer. When visiting the States, get close to the source and learn your IPA from your ABV by taking a brewery tour. From production giants to micro manufacturers, here’s our pick of the best American breweries to visit while in the USA.

Samuel Adams Brewery – Boston, Massachusetts

American-breweries-Samuel-Adams-Brewery-CREDIT-Boston-Beer-CoTaking its name from one of America’s Founding Fathers, Samuel Adams’ Boston Lager is also one the founding fathers of craft beer. The 1984 launch helped ignite Americans’ love for a full-bodied and independently-made brew. Now, with three brew houses across the States, their Boston brewery is the most important and acts as a test kitchen for all their new beer. On a visit, you’ll discover the brand’s history, learn about the craft brewing process, taste their malts and, most importantly, sample their award-winning beers. 

Visit it on our Great East Coast Cities trip

Anheuser-Busch Brewery – St Louis, Missouri

american-breweries-Anheuser-Busch-Brewery-CREDIT-Anheuser-Busch-BreweryThis historic brewery was certified a US National Historic Landmark in 1966. Opening way back in 1852, Anheuser-Busch Brewery honours its roots by executing traditional, single-batch production but with cutting-edge technology. You may not be familiar with the brewery’s name but you’ll certainly know Budweiser, which is its main export. Visit for the architecture as well as the beer, while wandering its ancient cavernous hallways.

Visit it on our Route 66 trip

Half Acre – Chicago, Illinois

American-breweries-Lincoln-Cellar-CREDIT-Half-AcreThis young Chicago beer brand is one of America’s hottest ale upstarts on the block. Founded in 2006, Half Acre produces Pony Pilsner, Daisy Cutter Pale Ale and Tuna Extra Pale Ale along with some seasonal surprises. Go behind the scenes of a contemporary brew house on a Saturday tour of their Lincoln Brewery. You’ll get to samples three beers and a fab branded pint glass souvenir.

Visit it during your free sightseeing time while on our From the Windy City to the Big Easy itinerary

Anchor Brewing – San Francisco, California

american-breweries-Beer-www.istockphoto.comgbphotorefreshing-summer-pint-of-beer-gm517501476-89516603-bhofack2The rich history of Anchor Brewing can be traced back to the California’s gold rush in 1849. During their tour, you’ll walk through three floors of the brewery, discover the compelling story behind the brand (including how they survived Prohibition) and, of course have a taproom tasting session where you can sample their classic Anchor Steam as well as new brews like Anchor California Lager.

Visit it during your free sightseeing time while on our Western Discoverer trip

Bridgeport Brew – Portland, Oregon

american-breweries-beer-tray-www.istockphoto.comgbphotowaiter-holding-a-tray-of-beer-tasting-glasses-gm594449758-101913531-submanConsidered the beer capital of the world, Portland is hop-happy and home to over 70 breweries, more than any other city. Proudly holding the claim of being Oregon’s original craft brewery, Bridgeport Brew are all about their IPAs. Take their Saturday tour and explore their vats of malts to see how they brew their signature Original IPA. The brewery is attached to a pub too so grab a delicious lunch after your tour.

Visit it during your free sightseeing time while on our Adventures in the Wild Northwest itinerary.

Image Credits: Main image © iStock/artpipi. Anchor © iStock/bhofack2. Bridgeport © iStock/subman. Annheuser-Busch © Annheuser-Busch. Samuel Adams © Boston Beer Co. Half Acre © Half Acre.

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