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These are the 8 real reasons our guests love going guided

Recently updated on February 7th, 2024 at 12:51 pm

At Trafalgar, we know that being guided is the best way to travel. But rather than hear it from us – we reached out to past guests via social media and asked them why they loved going guided. 

We received so many great responses from our community so we rounded them up into eight themes. From feeling safe and secure, to wanting to kick back knowing everything is being taken care of, here are the real reasons why our past guests love guided travel with Trafalgar.

Group of Trafalgar travelers gathering around a tractor at a vineyard

Everything taken care of

“Guided travel is the best way to experience the world. Everything is looked after for you, so you have no worries about anything. I’m really excited for my next guided travel with Trafalgar to Ireland & Scotland.”

Ellen R. H.

Our tours cover 72 countries across six continents with 303 different trips that unlock the best of the world for you. The thread that binds them all? That everything is taken care of, every step of the way.

If you have a hunger to see the world, experience things you’ve always dreamed of, and want to connect with culture and locals across the globe, then our tours are perfect for you.

“I have to make a million decisions at work, on night shift no less, so when traveling overseas to places I’ve never been I want to just write a check, sit back and relax. And definitely NOT have to worry about driving.”

Laura P.

“No hassles. Your transport, accommodation, sightseeing etc, is sorted for you. Just be on time and everything is taken care of. The airline misplaced my friend’s luggage and our Travel Director went out of his way to trace it. When her flight was cancelled at the last minute, he stepped in to help sort it out. Travel directors are amazing people.”

Tracy L.

“Great tour company for one stop travel. Getting picked up at airport to being dropped back off for your return home. Great hotels and tour guides. We met great people on the bus from all over the world. We traveled 6 times so far.”

Steve M.

“The fact that everything is taken care of for you. You wake up and enjoy the day.”

Cassandra E-R.

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You see more, do more, and skip the queues

Group of Trafalgar guests applauding a live music performance at a restaurant

“I’ve now enjoyed three Trafalgar tours! Each tour’s itinerary covers twice as many of the location’s highlights versus an individually drawn up plan,”

Shirley B.

It’s true, when you plan a trip independently you have to include both real time and mental capacity to get from A to B. With guided touring, everything is planned ahead of time so you can relax, enjoy every moment being totally present, and experience more in a day. 

Plus, we have special relationships that gain us fast access to the world’s top sights. That means no hours wasted standing in queues.

“I like the VIP treatment, no waiting in lines, everything well planned out. I love the guides who bring the sites and attraction to life,”

Larry H.

“It’s nice not to have to wait in lines at the many tourist spots. Relax and sleep on the bus, and have dinners planned and all breakfasts included.”

Michelle P.

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It’s stress-free, fun, and you don’t have to drive

If you’ve ever planned a multi-city or multi-country trip, you’ll know the joy of trip planning can rapidly deteriorate into a spiral of stress as you try to figure out what’s possible and how to get from A to B. 

Again and again we’ve heard past guests throw their hands up in praise for guided travel with Trafalgar, where all you have to do is sit back, relax, and focus on the fun side of travel. Your Travel Director and driver will take care of the details – and most importantly, the transportation.

“Someone else to drive…hubby and I are not compatible driving in foreign environments!”

Rhonda D.B.

“We will be doing our 7th this year with Trafalgar. The best part is we don’t have to worry about transportation. Figuring out how to get around in some of the countries we have visited would be a strain on our time. It has all been taken care of and made very easy for the traveler.”

Kate P.
Group of Trafalgar guests inside a coach, smiling at the camera

“Guided travel is pain and stress free travel. Not only are you guaranteed to see everything you want to see, but you don’t have to worry about transportation, tickets, crowds, or even lines. All you have to worry about is making sure that your camera battery is fully charged.”

Lawrence T.

“No need to worry on where to go, where to stay and no uber to book.”

Victoria C.

“Everything is planned out – less stress to deal with,”

Nancy M.T.

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It’s the people you meet 

Group of Trafalgar guests hugging each other

From the Travel Director leading the charge and your humble driver, to the locals we encounter and friendships forged while on the road. Many past guests say Trafalgar tours and guided travel is all about the people we meet along the way.

We’ve heard stories of international friendships that have formed and lasted decades, love stories of those who met while on tour, and many past guests shout out to the joy and boundless energy their beloved Travel Director brings to each trip. 

“Meeting different people from around the world! You may also be with people with very different backgrounds than you, which lets you view your adventures through new perspectives, enhancing the journey”

Daisy F.J.

“It was our director and driver. We all felt like family!! Shoutout to Gordon Spicer and Fortunato #bestofitaly2023

Rose Marie W.

“Their experience and personality add greatly to the experience. Traveled to Costa Rica and England with Ireland. Tour guides were essential to making our experience feel authentic and knitting the group into friends.” Kathleen S.

Kathleen S.

“It’s the best way to foster camaraderie, long lasting friendships, and never feel alone as there is always that helping hand to make it comfortable and the stellar Coach drivers and Travel Directors sure are the icing on the cake!”

Mita D.

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It’s safe and secure

Portrait of a Trafalgar guest smiling over her shoulder at the camera, wearing a hat, sunglasses and a yellow top

Traveling across the globe is a scary thought if you’re eager to see the world but worry about getting lost in translation. Many travelers know they can choose Trafalgar with confidence and set out to see the beauty of this world while being looked after.

Guided travel is for everyone – but the safety and security of a group is especially good for solo travelers. You don’t have to wait for your partner, best friend, sister or cousin to take your trip-of-a-lifetime. Solo travelers are welcome – and encouraged – to join Trafalgar tours.

“Security – I can relax and let someone else be in charge,”

Rebecca G.T.

“Loved it. Didn’t have to worry about how to get places…just wake up and get on the bus. Felt very secure. Would definitely do it again.”

Mary Ann V.

“You don’t have to focus as much on safety or getting around, so you can relax and enjoy yourself more fully,”

Daisy F.J.

“Security, don’t have to worry about driving, everything is mapped out for you, and the friends you meet along the way,”

Anna B.

“For me it’s security. Trafalgar has always looked after me,”

Gail W.

You learn while you travel

While our amazing Travel Directors are curious people who love travel and history, they aren’t the font of all knowledge we sometimes believe they might be. It’s why we connect our guests with Local Specialists in each destination, bringing aboard a guide who lives in the city or destination to share the best facts and stories as you explore.

“Getting to see so much and learn about the history of an area without having to stress over where to stay or how to get somewhere. 4th Trafalgar trip just completed, wouldn’t travel any other way!”

Danna C.
Trafalgar guests watching a traditional Croatian dance performance

“It’s easy, professional, educational and priced fair! I love travel”

Albert S.

“Not having to wait in lines and having all local information by great guides”

John D.

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You can shape the trip to your tastes

Guided travel isn’t what it used to be. The modern guided tour is designed with the individual in mind, giving you pockets of time to explore your special interests or join Optional Experiences to further enrich your trip.

If you’re a die-hard foodie or history nut, you’ll find time to indulge your interests.

“We did a trip to Ireland/Scotland with Trafalgar …Lots of laughs and good food. Wonderful optional trips that enhanced the whole experience. We met some great people that we are still in touch with. Can’t wait for our next trip…..where should we go?”

Paul W.
Close-up image of many hands clinking wine glasses over a red and white checked tablecloth

It’s simply the best way to travel

Most guests didn’t just mention one reason why they choose guided travel with Trafalgar. Many made a huge list that touched on many themes… which made us realize – it’s simply the best way to see the world. Do you agree?

“Takes the stress away especially with language difficulties. You get the best itineraries, all the hidden secret food places, time to rest on the bus and hotels already sorted. Knowing you’ll see the best of everything and get to skip the line at big tourist attractions.”

Megan I.

“All of the above plus it’s always a good value. You hit all the highlights of wherever you’re touring with all sorts of accurate, unique information. A good guide is such a bonus.”

Renee W.

“In December I experienced my first Trafalgar tour, the Christmas Market tour in Europe, and wonder why I waited so long! Amazing experience! What everyone said is true, but our Tour Director really made the experience more special!” says Allison B.

Allison B.

303 Trips. 72 Countries. 6 Continents – where will guided travel with Trafalgar take you next? Leave us a comment….

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