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Think you know what to expect from a touring holiday? Think again

Just like outdated or incorrect stereotypes about your home country or culture, the idea of a touring holiday is also not what it used to be. Guided touring has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last few decades, adapting to the evolving preferences of modern travelers. 

We try to be at the forefront, we’ve worked hard to reshape and redefine what it means for our guests when they join guided Trafalgar tours. We’ve looked at past pain points as opportunities to innovate, leaving cookie-cutter itineraries behind and bringing personalized and immersive experiences to the forefront. 

If it’s been a decade or two since you’ve looked at package holidays, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what a Trafalgar touring holiday looks like today. All the benefits of guided travel are still there, from stress-free planning to feeling safe and secure to having an expert leader at the helm. But now you’ll find touring with Trafalgar goes deeper. Expect more immersive local experiences and fun ways to socialize. Plus there’s more flexibility to travel your way and explore your interests while on the road.

Let’s explore 8 reasons why you should choose guided travel, and what you can expect on the road in 2024 and beyond.

Stress-free planning

As always, a guided touring holiday provides a welcome relief from the stress of planning a vacation independently. The tiresome – and time-consuming – process of coordinating accommodations, transportation and activities is often a source of frustration for DIY travelers. One of the best things about guided touring is that you leave all the “boring” stuff to seasoned professionals who know how to get from A to B and where to stay. 

Carefully curated tour packages take the dull decision-making away, leaving you with a stress-free escape where you’ll ponder more important holiday questions – like, which gelato flavor today? 

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Fun and immersive experiences

We’ve redefined guided travel with more immersive experiences that our past guests can’t stop talking about. On every Trafalgar tour you’ll join a “Be My Guest” lunch or dinner. These exclusive moments transcend typical tourist activities. Be My Guest takes you to often exclusive estates or farms. You’ll meet the whole family, taste local food, break bread, and share stories across cultures. 

Picture dining with a Tuscan family in their vineyard, savoring homemade pasta recipes passed down through generations. Follow the lunch with a walk through the vines, with a glass of local Chianti –produced on the estate, of course – in hand.

These immersive encounters provide not only a taste of local culture but also an authentic and personal connection.

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Experienced leaders and local guides

As always, every Trafalgar guided tour is led by a knowledgeable, experienced, and multi-lingual Travel Director. They’ll be your North Star – leading the way, sharing funny stories, and solving logistical issues. The’ll act as translator, share their favorite tips for every destination, and keep the group on time while having a blast.

And while they are a font of knowledge, they don’t know everything there is to know. It’s why Trafalgar works with local guides who bring in-depth insights into each destination, with history and culture to enhance your experience.

Connection with culture and community

More than 15 years ago Trafalgar recognized that more sustainable travel was the path forward. We believe responsible travel should leave a positive impact on the people and places we visit. 

Part of this commitment and evolution of guided touring led to the introduction of our MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experiences. On most tour itineraries you’ll find these responsible travel experiences that work with and support communities close to our hearts.

These thoughtful and considered experiences have been developed in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. You’ll get to visit communities, explore local arts, crafts and traditions, and discover the daily lives, culture, and history of families across the globe.

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Efficient itineraries with flexibility

Deciding how long to spend in one destination is always a challenge, but we think we strike the right balance. All our itineraries have been meticulously planned. Our schedules maximize your time at iconic destinations and tick off the best of each place you visit, while also allowing time for flexibility and free time so you can explore charming cobblestone streets at your own pace.

Each itinerary includes pockets of time for you and your companions to follow your interests. Use free time to explore a niche museum in Amsterdam, or kick back at a canal-side café and people-watch – the choice is yours.

Trafalgar’s harmonious balance caters to diverse interests, offering guided insights into cultural landmarks and the freedom to savor unscripted moments. Plus, if you think you need more time, the “Explorer” tours dive deeper into some of the world’s great cities. Each one gives you more time to get under the skin of Paris, New York or beyond.

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Safety and security

Visiting a new country can be scary – a new language, new culture, different systems, and no idea what you’re doing! But travel is one of life’s great joys. So unsurprisingly, many travelers appreciate the safety and security that guided touring offers when it comes to far-flung destinations. 

This is especially true for solo female travelers who choose Trafalgar for its reputation and the security of a group. You’ll receive with 24/7 assistance and a Travel Director who can provide local intel and advice in each destination. A Trafalgar tour promises a worry-free journey for solo travelers and the freedom to relish every moment.

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The chance to bond with like-minded travelers

One piece of feedback we often hear is just how fun the packaged vacation was and the lasting friendships and bonds that were formed on the road! When you join a guided holiday you’re joining a group of like-minded travelers. You’re all there to relax, enjoy and make the most of your vacation days!

While you can’t expect to become best friends with everyone, you’ll undoubtedly find kindred spirits. And as a group you’ll share awe-inspiring moments, special Be My Guest dinners, and explore cultural wonders that will bond you for life. 

Trafalgar’s diverse set of travelers from all corners of the world creates a unique global friendship network. It’s likely you’ll form a few lasting connections with those who share your passion for exploration. Every Trafalgar tour is a journey of shared experiences and friendship.

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Exclusive access

We love to surprise and delight, and the power of a group – and a historic, family-run company like Trafalgar – is our little book of contacts. We have access to exclusive experiences, attractions, and places that simply aren’t available to independent travelers. Sitting down to dinner in a palace, or gaining after-hour private access to a museum can add a special touch to the overall adventure.

Are you planning a touring holiday for 2024? Let us know why you choose guided travel (and where you want to go) in the comments…

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