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9 past Trafalgar guests recount their most hilarious and totally true travel stories

To celebrate World Laughter Day on May 1, we asked our Trafalgar guests to share their most hilarious and true travel stories. From courting a white peacock to leaving passports at a roadside toilet stop, here are the best travel stories from time on the road.

Do you have a funny story to share? Leave a comment with your true and hilarious travel stories in the comments section below!

Hilarious Trafalgar travel stories

What is the last thing you want to happen while on an overseas trip?… 

“We stopped for a toilet break on the highway in Germany and one of the passengers on the Trafalgar bus left his bum bag with money and passport on the floor beside the toilet. He only remembered an hour down the track! We turned around and went back and it was still there. What a day.”


“Picture this…..Natchez in Southern USA. Bit of moonshine tasting, dinner at a plantation and on the way back to the hotel, ‘Sweet Caroline‘ played on the coach. Everyone is singing. Our Travel Director then announcing “The bar’s open ‘til 10, bags out by 7!”. I can’t listen to that song anymore without laughing 🤣”


Fun and funny Travel Director stories

Our brilliant Travel Directors are not just talented tour leaders… some are also part-time comedians it seems! Here are fun and true travel stories with your beloved Travel Directors.

“I’ve travelled three times with Trafalgar, and on my 2013 trip our Travel Director was a short, older man named Franco. He always started his personal stories with: “When I was young and tall… ” We loved his stories! Very funny guy”


“Our Travel Director Jonathan and I sprinted through the galleries of the Louvre to see Napoleon’s apartments before we missed the bus. It was like a movie scene! Sudden stops to look at the Egypt exhibit…. treasures… sculptures… I’ll never forget it!”


“Our tour guide @TiagoTrafalgar would tell us on the bus that we would arrive at our destination at 4:36-4:37. He would never round up to the nearest 5 minutes and he would be “bang on” every single time. The Best of Portugal was such a great Trafalgar trip! Great memories! 😎”


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When in Rome…. 

Italy is a brilliant destination that inspires dreams, sparks the imagination and ignites new love. Of course, sometimes your Juliet might be a peacock.

“We had a great crew on our tour of Northern Italy and Cinque Terre! On an optional trip to Isola Bella while exploring the gardens of the palace we came across the white peacocks. One particularly inquisitive peacock began following a group of our fellow Trafalgar guests and wouldn’t leave them alone. One of the lads Googled “peacock calls” and was playing it out loud. The bird was quite “taken” by him 🦚🤣”


“On our Italy tour in 2014 my husband heard an American saying: “If you want authentic Italian food you go to Florida”. My hubby nearly fell off the stairs of the statue laughing.”


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True travel stories with teenagers

There’s nothing like throwing your children into new scenarios and seeing how they react. Here are two fun travel stories of triumph from Trafalgar guests who took to the road with their teenagers.

“I did The Best of Ireland with my 13-year-old son. I was afraid he wouldn’t make friends or might feel out of place being the youngest male by decades. On the last night he said to me: “I’m gonna eat with the guys tonight, will you be okay without me?” 😂😭😂😭😂


“We did a 2013 trip through Britain, Scotland and Ireland. At Blarney Castle I chose not to walk up to kiss the Blarney Stone, but our son, who was 18 and has Down Syndrome, wanted to do it with his dad. He has trouble climbing steep steps and so he was taking his time going carefully up. Somebody behind him from our Trafalgar tour called out who’s in front… the reply came back: “Ben”. “Oh good” was the reply, “at least we can take our time getting up to the top”. 

“I was sitting in the gardens and all of a sudden I heard the loudest shout of joy which I immediately recognised as Ben’s voice along with cheers and clapping coming from the top. Ben had kissed the Blarney Stone and he was so pleased with himself.” 


Do you have hilarious travel stories to add to this bunch? Leave us a comment with your true Trafalgar travel stories in the comments section below…

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