How can you travel responsibly?

It’s Earth Month! So what better time to talk about sustainable tourism and giving back to the places we love to visit.

At Trafalgar, we partner with TreadRight – a not-for-profit organisation that’s all about caring for the places we travel to. We caught up with Cindy at TreadRight about the great work the charity’s been doing.

Why is sustainable tourism so important?

Trafalgar and TreadRight have been working together since 2008 to give back to the places we visit as part of our trips, supporting projects that help the environment, economy, social and cultural aspects of these destinations. We want them to continue to thrive and grow. It’s the responsible way to travel and contributes to the society.

Eco-tourism is also hugely beneficial to lower the impact on our environment as much as possible.

TreadRight encourages others to do the same by providing tips on how to travel responsibly. Here are some small ways that you can help:

  • Learn a little about the culture, language and religion before travelling
  • Book direct flights to reduce your flight’s carbon footprint
  • Unplug lights and appliances before you leave for your trip

Overall, be aware of your surroundings and those living there.

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland - photo by National Trust
Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland – photo by National Trust

How does Trafalgar support the communities it visits?

In the UK, there are a number of projects that Trafalgar supports with the National Trust.

At the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Trafalgar’s support has helped build the newly opened sustainable visitor centre, upgrade the surrounding walks and trails and provided an accessible cliff-top walk for families and those with disabilities.

We’ve all seen photos of the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, but the National Trust is battling to protect this natural habitat. Donations, including those from Trafalgar and TreadRight, have allowed the National Trust to purchase the last piece of coastline to provide more habitats for species affected by the natural erosion of the cliffs. Trafalgar employees even get involved and help with clean-ups. 

White Cliffs of Dover - photo by National Trust
White Cliffs of Dover – photo by National Trust

So what have Trafalgar and TreadRight been doing for Earth Month?

There have been all kinds of initiatives from the offices around the globe – from litterless lunches, to providing bikes to employees. The Trafalgar office in Canada has even created a vegetable garden in the grounds to provide employees and those in the local area with fresh veg!

Find out more on the TreadRight website or search #TreadRightTakeAction on social media to check out what’s been happening recently. Even better, use the hashtag yourself if you’ve been giving back to your travel destinations! If you haven’t had the chance yet, check out an eco-trip like our Costa Rica Eco Adventure.

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