Easy tips to overcome your fears about solo travel

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It’s understandable to have fears about solo travel. Venturing out on the open road solo can be scary and bring up all sorts of travel anxiety. Maybe you fear feeling lonely or bored, or you’re worried about getting homesick or for your personal safety. Perhaps you think travelling as a single is too expensive and you need to wait for friends to join you… While these feelings and fears about solo travel are justified, we have tips to share to help you navigate your own solo adventures so you can get out there and stop waiting for the perfect travel buddy.

I’m scared of feeling lonely

One of the greatest fears we hear about solo travel is feeling alone or homesick while on the road. But there is no need to worry. Travel is something magical that pushes you outside your comfort zone and puts you in unfamiliar situations. Lean into the discomfort of your own company, if that’s something you’re not used to. Use the quiet time to observe what’s around you, share updates with family and friends back home or start a travel journal. Of course, you’re never alone when you travel with Trafalgar. A guided tour is a great way to travel with the company and safety of a group, while you can always seek peace and quiet in your room or free time.

Solo travel tips: It’s often easier to interact with locals – waiters, hotel staff etc – while travelling solo and you never know who you’ll meet. Take the chance to be more observant and strike up conversation with others. 

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I’m worried it’s not safe to travel alone

A lot of solo travel anxiety revolves around personal safety. And, of course, this fear makes sense. Whether you travel solo, as a couple or with a friend or two, every decision you make while in a new country has an impact on your journey. Of course, travelling solo and independently can be scary as you have only your own gut to follow, but it may mean you stay more alert of your surroundings. If you do travel with others you might let your guard down when you should be more alert. The best thing you can do – solo or not – is choose a destination, country or city that you feel confident and safe travelling to. Build up your confidence and your fears about solo travel in safe destinations and situations.

Solo travel tips: There is safety in numbers, so even if you choose to travel solo consider taking a guided tour so you can relax and not worry about being aware of your surroundings at all times.

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I’m not brave enough to travel solo

Not feeling brave enough to face your fears about solo travel is exactly why you should take a trip alone. Prove to yourself that you are brave, confident and in charge of your own destiny. Start with a short solo trip – even a day trip – that pushes you slightly outside your zone of comfort. From there build up to bigger and better adventures away from your hometown. If you slowly grow your confidence in being alone somewhere new you’ll be jetting off to Europe for a grand adventure in no time at all.

Solo travel tips: You don’t have to leap from a plane to prove you are brave enough to travel solo. Take yourself somewhere new – even a new suburb in your local city. Challenge yourself to speak to a stranger, ask for directions or dine alone.

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Solo travel is too expensive

Splitting cabs. Sharing meals. Twin beds. We get it – one of the greatest fears about solo travel is the soaring price point of paying for everything yourself without a friend or partner to share the costs. But solo travel doesn’t always have to cost more. You can be savvy with your choices while exploring new destinations or look for single traveller deals.

At Trafalgar, our many solo travellers raised one major issue: the extra cost of the single supplement. But the good news? We listened and we’ve reduced and removed it from so many trips. We don’t want you to wait for the ideal travel buddy to come along. And we understand why so many singles would prefer their own room while travelling (hello personal sanctuary of peace and no snoring neighbour!). Get out there and embrace your desires to explore the world, see new places and try new things without a companion. Life’s too short to wait for the perfect moment.

Solo travel tips: The best place to find solo travel details and deals is on Trafalgar’s Solo Travel page. Here you can find the best deals on trips with no single supplement or heavily reduced supplements so you can book your trip with your own room – yep, have your cake and eat it too! See you on the road.

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Do you have any other fears about solo travel? Does solo travel bring up any anxiety for you? Let us know in the comments…

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