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11 items for your Australia & New Zealand packing

Recently updated on July 31st, 2023 at 05:04 pm

Your Australia and New Zealand packing list will change from summer to winter and whether you’re planning an outdoor adventure or city escape. One thing is for certain – you want to arrive prepared so you don’t waste precious vacation time looking for missing items in shopping centres.

When it comes to planning what to pack for Australia and New Zealand, be sure to include these essential items in your suitcase for a worry-free trip down under.

Credit: Tourism Australia

1. Power adapter

On your Australia and New Zealand packing list be sure to include a power adapter. Luckily the two countries down under use the same three-prong power plug so you will only need the one adapter in your suitcase. If you forget to pop one of these in? Well, say goodbye to a charged phone, camera battery and other electronic devices. An adaptor is truly an essential!

2. Towel

We think travelling with a towel is an absolute essential. If you’re at the beach, you need a towel. If you have an impromptu picnic, you can sit on the towel. If you get cold, you can wrap the towel around you. One item, many uses beyond drying yourself after a swim. If you don’t like the feeling of microfiber towels, look for a thin Turkish cotton towel that dries equally as fast (and looks cuter on the sand).

3. Hat

When it comes to deciding what to pack for Australia, look at your itinerary and you’ll see that likely, you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. And time outdoors calls for a hat. The same goes in New Zealand, where while the climate is more temperate the sun is still just as powerful, so you’ll need to protect your face from those harmful UV rays.

Credit: Tourism Australia

4. Walking shoes

Australia is a country of wide open plains, wide city streets and large swathes of nature to explore. You’ll notice while planning your New Zealand trip that the smaller neighbouring country is quite the same. To make the most of your time in each country be sure to pack great walking shoes that can take you from the top of an amazing lookout to downtown Sydney or Auckland.

fiordland national park trips and tramps

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5. Bathers

You may have noticed while planning your Australia and New Zealand trip that both countries are islands surrounded by incredible beaches. In the summertime you’ll want bathers or a swimsuit to dive into the glorious ocean, waterholes and waterfalls across both countries, and in winter you’ll want to pack them to enjoy the hot pools and thermal spots around New Zealand.

6. Jacket

Your Australia and New Zealand packing list should always include a jacket of some sort. In summer, the southern parts of Australia and all of New Zealand feel quite cool in the evenings so pack a light jacket or sweater to feel cosy. In winter, you might like to bring a ski jacket or warm feather-down jacket to combat the winter temperatures depending on where you plan to visit and what you plan to do.

Exploring nature in Victoria, Australia
Credit: Tourism Australia

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7. Water bottle

Chances are your trip to Australia and New Zealand will be quite active and you’ll spend lots of time outdoors, even in winter. In summer it is definitely essential to carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated while on the road. In parks and towns around both countries you will find water fountains or water “bubblers” where you can refill. Water is safe to drink from the taps.

8. Thongs or jandals

Planning a trip to Australia? Pack thongs. Planning a trip to New Zealand? Pack jandals. Not sure what either of those items are? No problem. That’s the local slang for flip flops and the rubber footwear is immensely popular in both countries. Flip flips are great for the beach, but also to pop out for coffee, go to the shops or wade into a rocky creek.

9. Active clothing

Overall your packing list for Australia and New Zealand will be determined by the season you travel in and the places you go, but either way you will definitely need some clothing for outdoor adventures. In summer that might just mean a pair of shorts for walking beachside trails or visiting a wildlife park. In winter that might mean thermal tights and a windbreaker.

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10. Something chic

In the bigger cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland people like to dress up to go out for long lunches, dinners or day trips to wineries. When it comes to deciding what to pack for Australia or New Zealand, pop in a nice dress, shirt or outfit that makes you feel good so you can fit in and feel like a local while enjoying the food and wine scene.

Winery in Victoria, Australia
Credit: Tourism Australia

11. Sunscreen

Easy to forget, but essential to pack for Australia and New Zealand, sunscreen lotion is an absolute must when heading down under. The sun is very harsh in both countries thanks to an ozone hole, so if you plan to spend more than 20 minutes in the sun, make sure to apply suncream lotion at least SPF30+ and reapply throughout the day. Of course, if you forget to pack this one you can buy it in shops and supermarkets everywhere!

What else is on your Australia and New Zealand packing list? Let us know in the comments…

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