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Why a love for travel never fades, according to our Trafalgar community

Recently updated on July 5th, 2023 at 09:42 am

Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, there is no cure and for most a love for travel lasts forever. The greatest love story on earth, just one trip abroad can launch the grand affair of a lifetime. After all, travel opens your world. It challenges you to think outside the box, to connect with new people and to make new memories. 

We asked our Trafalgar community on Facebook about the moment they first fell head over heels with travel, and why they still love exploring today. For some it started as a child, bumping along in the backseat of their parents car as they crossed countries and continents, while others are making up for lost time later in life knocking over two or three tours a year.

Why is travel so addictive? We dive into reasons why our love for travel never fades, with the help of our Trafalgar guests.

best time to travel

Travel inspires and humbles us

Humanity connects us, but travel shows that there is no one way to live this life. One of the great reasons why people travel is to broaden the mind, find new perspectives and see what life on the other side of the globe is like first hand. Travellers return from trips freshly inspired by the places, people and culture they have experienced.

Travel widens your world perspective, making you more empathetic to others and their circumstances or opinions. Crossing paths with people from all walks of like can have a humbling effect, leaving you grateful for everything you have – like the means to travel, or even access to clean running water.

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Travel is about creating new memories, and revisiting old ones

One of the great reasons to love travel is because it’s a great way to make new memories with your loved ones. When you’re out on vacation, exploring new places there’s no need to think about washing the dishes, whether it’s bin night or if you have to exercise before making dinner. 

Travel is a time to relax, let go of any friction, kick back and live in the present moment. On the road together you’ll make some of the best, more pure and happiest memories with your loved ones. Whether that be a family holiday, couple’s getaway or vacation with friends, travel is about focusing on the good.

I was lucky to have a father in the Army. We were stationed in France for three years [in] the late 50s early 60s. They loved to travel. They did two bus tours then we drove all over Europe. I was 7, but it made such an impression on me. My husband and I have been going back to a lot of the places I visited as a child. Priceless. We have taken 5 trips with Trafalgar and are planning another for 2023 ❤️ – Nancy

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senior couple hugging in a vineyard age is a state of mind

Travel should educate and challenge

Out on the road, exploring new cultures and new places you’ll be pushed beyond your comfort zone, challenged to try new things and learn more about the world around you. 

Why do people travel? Sometimes it’s to get out of a rut by surrounding themselves with all new experiences, or a desire to chase new challenges and meet new people.

There’s that old saying: nothing changes if nothing changes. You could stay in your armchair watching Seinfield reruns, or you could plan the trip of a lifetime and learn more than you would in front of the TV.

The feeling of pride and accomplishment when you order a meal in a foreign place, or complete an adventure activity you’d never otherwise consider is incomparable. Travel builds confidence in all of us, and you’ll learn new things everyday while watching artisans at work, exploring ancient ruins, and tasting the best pasta of your life.

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O'o Farm to table experience

Travel connects us across oceans

The only limit to friendship is the one you impose on yourself. Being pen-pals is great. Sending the odd email, a phone call here and there to catch up, and a card at Christmas or on birthdays is sweet and thoughtful. But there is nothing like being together in real life.

With friends and families scattered across state and countries, travel can be the thing that unites us. Just because you don’t live in the same city doesn’t mean you can’t make new memories together – and travel is the perfect excuse to meet somewhere exciting and new.

First time I ever travelled was when I had started working already. Once the bug bit, the only thing that stopped me travelling was Covid. Been to as many countries as I am old, mainly with Trafalgar. I have a friend who travels with me. Kim [and I] live in different countries, different hemispheres and different continents, but Trafalgar always allows us to share – Tracy

Trafalgar Trip

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Travel is the gift that keeps on giving

For many keen travellers, it was their parents that first introduced the idea of far flung locations and exotic holidays. Bitten by the travel bug at a young age, it’s hard to shake its grip and lose your love for travel.

Gifting travel is gifting memories and moments spent together. Christmases and birthdays around the dinner table will be all the more fun when you can recount the tales of what went right – or wrong – and have a laugh together.

It was on my first trip overseas to England/Scotland in 2006. A trip my parents surprised me with to go with them and it was a Trafalgar tour! I loved every minute and that travel bug bit me big time! – Berna

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Travel gives you the greatest stories, the best memories

Think about your top five stories or memories. Is it the dinner you cooked last Friday? Probably not. Is it your wedding day? Most likely. How about that trip to Italy? Oh yes, the pasta, pizza and tower of Pisa! The running joke of your tour group. The time you danced under moonlight at a Tuscan vineyard.

It’s easy to understand why a love for travel never fades when it’s connected to our greatest memories. Where will you travel to next?

Been on 11 Trafalger tours and loved them all. Usually only go on 2/year but did a 3rd one this this year to make up. Number 12 is in a week to Italy, then one to France in August and one to Tasmania in March of 23 – John

How strong is your love for travel? Let us know why you travel and where you’re going next in the comments…

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