6 ways travelling responsibly enhances your experience with Trafalgar

Recently updated on November 24th, 2023 at 04:45 pm

Trafalgar is committed to travelling responsibly to ensure we leave a positive impact on the people, places, and wildlife we visit, and to ensure our love of travel is protected for future generations. In short, we want to make travel matter. And in doing so, we’re actually enhancing our guest’s travel experience with us. From having richer travel experiences like unique dining experiences and incredible wildlife encounters, to reaping all the benefits of greener coach travel, here are 6 ways travelling responsibly gives you a greater experience on your Trafalgar trip. 

couple holding hands travelling in Scandinavia

1. You meet people from all walks of life

When you’re travelling responsibly with Trafalgar, you’ll get to meet and support the local people in the places we visit. As you Connect with Locals, you’ll learn about traditions and customs, talk with people and hear inspiring stories, and discover how different people live around the world. 

Meet native weavers in Cusco, Peru, and learn about their traditional natural dyeing techniques. Chat with the talented women of Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Cooperative in Jordan, a female-owned organisation that empower local women by providing them with training and employment. Share lunch with Ian and Ann Dyer on their 15th-century Blackmore Farm in England and learn how they’re preserving ancient farming traditions and history. Wherever you’re travelling responsibly with Trafalgar, you’re sure to make some incredible local connections you’ll never forget. 

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women of Iraq Al-Amir in Jordan with Trafalgar guests travelling responsibly

2. You get all the benefits of greener coach travel

When you travel with Trafalgar, you’ll get to kick back in our luxury, custom coaches. Not only are they extra comfy, but coach travel is also a great way to form bonds with your fellow travellers, all while watching the scenery go by. But our coaches aren’t just good for you – they’re also good for the environment. 

Coach travel is shown to be the most eco-friendly way to travel and reduce your carbon footprint. This is because you can fit a larger group of people on one coach, as opposed to one car. The average coach journey produces 0.04 tonnes per 1,000 miles, compared to the average car which produces 0.29 tonnes of CO2 per 1,000 miles. It’s even greener than the national rail services which create 0.07 tonnes of CO2 per 1,000 miles per passenger.

Trafalgar is also investing in low-emission coaches as part of our five-year How We Tread Right (HWTR) sustainability strategy. So you’ll be doing your bit for the planet, all while reaping all the benefits of coach travel with Trafalgar.

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Trafalgar coach at sydney harbour bridge

3. You have richer travel experiences

As part of our commitment to the How We Tread Right strategy, Trafalgar is including at least one Make Travel Matter experience on all land tours by 2023. So what does that mean for you? Our Make Travel Matter experiences are conscious travel experiences, carefully chosen for the positive social or environmental impact they have on the communities and people we visit. 

They also have an enriching impact on the people who experience them. You could find yourself discovering ancient Italian hand-weaving traditions at Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzett, a school and workshop in Perugia, Italy

Or you could meet Stephen Yellowhawk and help to preserve Native American tradition and culture in the United States. As you take part in a special evening of traditional music, dance, stories, and food, you’ll know your experience is also supporting Stephen’s amazing work with Native American diabetic patients.

You could even meet the farmers of the beautiful Thanh Dong Organic Village in Hoi An, Vietnam. You’ll learn all about their sustainable and organic farming practices all while helping to preserve their way of life. Wherever you go, your Make Travel Matter experience is sure to gift you with some very special memories.

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Trafalgar guests watching a native weaver in Peru

4. You have unique dining experiences

Trafalgar is committed to responsible food consumption through our How We Tread Right Strategy. Our goal is for all our Be My Guest dining experiences to source at least 30% of their menu either locally or organically by 2025. Local food should be sourced within 30-50 miles of where it is prepared, while organic food is grown without the use of pesticides or GMOs. 

So how does that enhance your experience with Trafalgar? You’ll taste the freshest and most delicious food you can get, all while meeting the people who grow and prepare the food.

Head to O’o Farm in Maui, Hawaii, and you’ll enjoy a true farm-to-table experience when you meet the local farmers, help gather fresh produce, then sit down to a scrumptious lunch of Hawaiian specialities. Or head to Ireland and visit Ballyknocken House, a working farm and the house of TV chef Catherine Fulvio. You’ll meet the warm Fulvio family and enjoy a delicious dinner made with fresh, home-grown ingredients.

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two men holding fresh produce in Maui Hawaii travelling responsibly

5. You get connected with our beautiful earth

Travelling responsibly with Trafalgar often means visiting and supporting the beautiful national parks all over the world. So how does that benefit you? Getting into nature is proven to be great for your health wellbeing, by alleviating stress and improving your mood. Plus, you’re sure to create some incredible memories when you explore the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes. 

Get out into the spectacular national parks of the United States and Canada and marvel at the dazzling blue lakes, fairytale waterfalls, steaming geysers, and snowy mountains. Soak up the mystery and magic of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, while your visit contributes to the preservation of this geological wonder. Or take a soul-stirring journey to Australia’s Red Centre to witness the spellbinding sunrise over Uluru. You’ll even learn about the Aboriginal people’s sacred connection with the land. 

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elephants walking past safari vehicle Africa

6. You have kinder wildlife encounters

We all love seeing wildlife up close, however, many wildlife tourism experiences cause immense hurt and suffering to animals. A dangerous or damaging animal encounter can be the low point of your trip… So you want to be sure that you’re not causing harm when you’re spotting wildlife.

When you’re travelling responsibly with Trafalgar, you’ll know that all wildlife experiences adhere to The Travel Corporation’s Animal Welfare Policy. That means no animals are harmed by your encounter. 

So whether you’re visiting the endangered green turtles at the Turtle Conservancy in the Tortuguero National Park of Costa Rica, spotting the wild tigers of Ranthambore in India, or meeting the endangered rhinos of Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, you’ll know that your unforgettable wildlife encounter is good for you, and good for the animals.

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How does green travel enhance your trips? What are your top responsible or sustainable travel tips? Let us know in the comments below…


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