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Why people travel with us on private group tours

Recently updated on August 13th, 2023 at 09:52 am

After almost a year of staycations, working from home and spending too much time staring at the same 4 walls, we’re finding ourselves dreaming of international travel and far flung adventures once more. But in the ‘new normal’ that we now live in, many of us are looking for different kinds of travel experiences. Recently at Trafalgar, we have seen interest soar for specific types of travel, namely domestic experiences, outdoors focused adventures, and private group tours.

As a business that has always prided itself on innovation and service excellence, over the past few months we’ve adapted to the new world of travel to ensure we can still help our guests connect to the world’s best travel experiences with ease and peace of mind. Alongside our enhanced wellbeing and hygiene procedures, for 2021 we’ll be introducing private group tours.

Our private group travel offering means you can travel exclusively with just friends and family, in group sizes of 10 guests and upwards. You’ll be treated to the exact same impeccable Trafalgar experience, the only difference being you’ll be surrounded solely by your dedicated travel bubble.

So what are some of the benefits of travelling on our private group tours, and why more and more Trafalgar guests choosing to travel in this way? We’ve rounded up some of the significant benefits to private group vacations…

1 – More peace of mind travelling just with your bubble

Assurance and peace of mind are something we’re all seeking right now, particularly when we’re travelling overseas and far from home. When you travel on our private group tours, not only will you have the added assurance of being surrounded exclusively with just your travel bubble, but you’ll also have a dedicated Trafalgar team there to support you, advise you, and manage any situations should they arise. Our private group travel experiences come complete with your very own Travel Director and Driver (in your own private coach), and behind the scenes your On-Road team are supported by our operations teams, on call 24/7. So, should any situation such as border closures occur, our team will handle it to ensure that your experience is still seamless and enjoyable.

2 – Highly personalised experience

Private group travel means that you can customise your Trafalgar experience however you like. Your tour route will be pre-determined, but what you do during your tour is completely up to you. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of visiting a particular gallery, or dining at a Michelin starred restaurant? Whatever it may be, together with your Travel Director you can design our small group tours around your specific interests and needs. And, with smaller group sizes, you can spend more time picking your Travel Director’s brain on any topic you’re specifically interested in. At Trafalgar we’re proud of how highly personalised each of our tours are, with our private group tours taking this level of personalisation one step further.

trafalgar travel director with a private group tour

3 – Opportunity to make memories with your loved ones

After months kept apart, the idea of sharing new experiences and quality time with family members or close friends is a prospect that will likely make your heart glow. If the pandemic and lockdown has taught us anything, it’s just how much our loved ones really mean to us. Whether you’ve been kept apart from grandchildren for months or are craving sharing a bottle of wine and a delicious meal with your best friends, our private group tours are the chance to do just that. 2020 has been the year we stood still, so why not make 2021 the year to make up for it? There’s no better way of bonding with loved ones, than by sharing new experiences and making memories together. Whether it’s learning to make pasta in Italy, or watching the Northern lights dance across the sky in Iceland, life is for living, and for sharing it with those we love the most.

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4 – Experience a different side of guided touring

If you’ve travelled with Trafalgar before, or you’ve previously explored the world on a group tour, you’ll understand the immeasurable benefits of guided touring. From having everything taken care of for you, to meeting new friends or taking part in experiences you’d never find on your own, the benefits of a guided tour just go on and on. It’s these benefits you’ll equally experience on a private group tour, while enjoying an altogether new and different type of travel experience. If you’re a seasoned guided touring expert, we’d highly recommend giving private group travel some food for thought. Doing things a little different is always fun and you never know, you may just find private group vacations become your new favourite way to travel!

two women sipping champagne on a trafalgar private group tour

If you are interested in finding out more about Trafalgar private group tours, visit our website or fill in an inquiry form to chat to one of our Travel Experts.

Have you, or would you consider travelling on a private group tour? Let us know in the comments…

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