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These 10 real-life travel love stories will move you to tears

We love a good travel love story so in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re rounding up some of the greatest Trafalgar love stories we’ve heard. From tear-jerking proposals and surprise weddings to romantic honeymoons and magical anniversaries, these are 10 of the most moving real-life travel love stories. 

1. Craig and Graham’s romantic proposal and surprise wedding on tour

Lovebirds Craig and Graham got engaged in Paris while on tour with Trafalgar. After sharing their story with us, they won a place on our Trafalgar Unlocked Awards trip to the Balkans. 

“I proposed to my partner of six years on a romantic sunset cruise under the Eiffel Tower and the many bridges of the Seine. Our Travel Director, Kevin Marshall, helped to make the moment extra special, by telling the other tour guests about my secret plan and arranging for some Moet to celebrate. It was the most magical moment of our lives, to share the engagement surrounded by the wonderful new friends we had made on the tour and to hear their cheers of happiness. We will all be reunited again when they attend our wedding next year.”

– Craig

Craig and Graham then decided at the last minute to get married while touring Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina on the Balkan Delight trip! 

“It was so easy to pull this wedding off, but it definitely wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t done it on a tour like Trafalgar. We let our Travel Director know our plans in the morning and they were overjoyed and supportive of the idea. Trafalgar were incredible at helping to coordinate all of the wedding arrangements. With less than 12 hours notice they had curated an absolute dream setting for our nuptials… which is an extraordinary effort and we still can’t believe they achieved it.

The best part about getting married on tour, was sharing the moment with our fellow tour companions, as it created such a positive trip highlight for everyone. Watching on, their faces beaming with big smiles, we felt enveloped by an atmosphere of happiness, warmth and inclusion.”

– Craig

Read more about Craig and Graham’s incredible Paris proposal and surprise wedding on Trafalgar tours

2. Nichole’s dream proposal at the Cliffs of Moher

Nichole's proposal at Cliffs of Moher

“I had two two dreams come true during our Irish Highlights tour; seeing the Cliffs of Moher and getting engaged to the love of my life! My now fiancé faced his fear of heights to propose to me at a place I’ve been dreaming of visiting for as long as I can remember. Our Travel Director, Jill, continued to make the rest of the trip special by informing the hotels so we were welcomed with a special surprise in every room! We had such an amazing time celebrating with our tour group! This was my 3rd trip to Trafalgar and while I was a loyal Trafalgar traveler before, this trip cemented that and also made a new one; my future husband!” 
– Nichole R

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3. Valerie got engaged in Italy on tour

Valerie's engagement in Italy

“My boyfriend proposed to me on this amazing trip – Wonders of Italy! Our amazing guide Marina helped him coordinate date and times. We would not have felt nearly as special had it not been for Trafalgar!” 
– Valerie G

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4. Robert and his husband celebrate their wedding anniversary with Trafalgar

Robert and his husband celebrating their anniversary on a Trafalgar tour

“I had gone on a Trafalgar trip in the late 1980s with a high school group. The trip was so memorable that when it came time to book my husband’s and my annual vacation, I suggested Trafalgar. Neither of us were disappointed. We met so many people on the European Traveler trip. Jason and I were celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary. Everyone on the trip celebrated with us. 

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Check out the landscape picture of Rome. Our Tour Director, Brendan, took us to this “hidden gem”. The picture is worth 3200 YEARS of history. A building in the far left was built 1200 BC and a building in the far right was built in the late 1900s AD. If we had planned this trip ourselves, we would never have seen the amazing hidden gems that experience Tour Directors facilitate. As a result of that experience, we are anticipating our 5th trip with Trafalgar since that trip in 2015. Truly amazing experiences, truly amazing people, truly amazing tours.” 
– Robert P

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5. Morgan and Jared’s magical proposal in Venice

Morgan and Jared getting engaged on a gondola in Venice

“On our 3rd or 4th day of the European Whirl tour, we were in Venice and Jared had requested a private gondola for us. He had secretly set this up with our tour guide Patrick, and the next thing I know he proposes! It was absolutely magical and a moment I will never forget!” 
– Morgan M

6. Rob and Melinda celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in Norway

Rob and Melinda celebrating their wedding anniversary in Norway

“Melinda and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a return to Norway on the Best of Norway tour. This view from above Bergen perfectly captures the beauty of the country, the excellence of Trafalgar’s tour destinations, and our love for each other.” 
– Rob T

7. Kenna’s engagement and honeymoon with Trafalgar

Kenna's engagement at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

“My boyfriend and I went on the Great Italian Cities trip in 2017 and he proposed! This photo is at Trevi Fountain, and you can see the love! We got married the following year in 2018 and took another Trafalgar trip for our honeymoon – Best of Greece in 2018. This year is our 5 year anniversary and we’d love to jet-set with Trafalgar again!” 
– Kenna M

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8. Emily’s life-changing proposal and a baby news on tour in Europe

“Trafalgar holds a very special place in our hearts and was an absolute life changing trip!! In 2017 on our Great European trip with Trafalgar, my (then) partner proposed to me on the Pont Des Arts Love Lock Bridge with the Notre Dame Cathedral as the backdrop after dinner on a river cruise! A truly magical, romantic Paris moment! Of course I said yes! By the end of our 4 week trip in Vienna we found out we were also pregnant with our first child! What a whirlwind! Six years later we are still happily married with two beautiful girls and have never forgotten the life changing places we visited on our Trafalgar trip and the even more special moments we were lucky enough to have there!” 
– Emily M

9. Diane’s unexpected proposal in Verona

Diane's proposal in Verona

“Totally unexpected, but he proposed under Juliet’s Balcony in Verona on our Wonders of Italy tour.” 
– Diane S

10. Arthur’s perfect engagement in Canada

Arthur proposing at Lake Louise in Canada

The best part about our Iconic Rockies & Western Canada trip – aside from the most spectacular scenery and incredible friendships made – I was able to propose to the woman I love. The whole group kept my secret and made sure my girlfriend was at the right place at the right time.” 
– Arthur D

Do you have a beautiful travel love story? Let us know in the comments below!

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