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5 reasons to travel solo, told by Trafalgar guests

Recently updated on August 13th, 2023 at 11:31 am

The idea of solo travel can be scary. You imagine yourself unsure where to go and what to do. Eating alone. Desperately craving some travel guidance. Good news is – travelling solo with Trafalgar – you can ignore these myths. Heaps of explorers join us alone for a unique solo experience, without the anxiety. And double the fun. So whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned solo traveller, read on to find out the reasons by these Trafalgar guests decided to go it alone.

1. Solo lets you… travel!


“I’m 66 and I refuse to stay home just because I don’t have a travel partner. This summer I’m going on a cruise solo to Alaska!!! Life is short…TRAVEL!”

Trafalgar solo traveller, Amy Potts

Taste Italian home cooking in the Tuscan hills. Experience history in the house of a former Vietnamese soldier. Gaze at colossal elephants and lazy leopards in the Tanzanian sunset glow. Absorb the aroma of boiling hot ramen in Tokyo. Whatever you crave, you have to take the leap to make it reality.

Time races in real life, but during experiences like these it stands still. Never let the absence of a travelling companion keep you at home. The clock is ticking. There is a whole world out there to explore – and solo travel lets you unlock it.

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2. We do the logistics, you do the travel

The prospect of hefty planning before your trip can be off-putting. You want to soak up the best of a destination and culture but the options are overwhelming. That’s why we cherry pick the can’t-misses and present them to you in a hand-crafted itinerary. While your Travel Director reveals the hidden gems only true locals now.

“It was fantastic, looked after all the way. For a first time traveller it was great.. travel, food, language, currencies would have been daunting by myself. The lady I shared a room with joined me in travelling a further 2 weeks around the UK by ourselves once we had our confidence up from the tour.”

Trafalgar solo traveller, Maxene Grewar

Whether basking in the US’s earliest sunrise on Cadillac Mountain or trying your hand at local pottery in Nepal, we show you the way – letting you soak in the brilliance of it all.

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3. You’ll meet lovely, like-minded people

With Trafalgar, you’re never really alone. A solo travel tour is the best of both worlds: guided time in a group of like-minded people, leaving room for you to roam on your own.

“Do it! It’s so much fun! It’s the perfect combination of having people around and getting where you need to go, with all the important sights. Plus, there’s time to be on your own too. Love Trafalgar!”

Trafalgar solo traveller, Barbara Hettinger

“I did the Christmas markets tour solo. I was paired with a woman that two days into the trip people were shocked to find out she wasn’t my mom. We were instant friends even with a 40 year age gap. I felt safe and looked after. I also felt free to do my own thing. Highly recommend!”

Trafalgar solo traveller, Lindsey Catarino

“DO IT! I went to Europe solo in 2017. I had a wonderful time, met awesome people from all around the world and still keep up with some of them on FB. I loved that I could join a group at any time or venture on my own when I wanted to. I made a point to eat a meal (usually breakfast) with someone new every day.”

Trafalgar solo traveller, Jeanne Dominy

Embrace the chance to connect with people you never would meet without travel. Who knows, you might even fall in love.

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4. You’ll get lots of time for headspace

Going solo has soared since the pandemic began. Leaving anyone behind can work wonders for the mind. How much of life is spent in reactive mode? Colleagues, friends, family, and life’s admin flood our attention. There’s never enough time in the day.

In contrast, solo is all about… you. It lets you take a step back. Supercharge your self-awareness and enjoy a calmness rarely afforded in modern life. Sipping a glass of gorgeous French wine outside a quaint café on the colourful, cobbled streets of Provenance, life isn’t so bad.

5. It’s rewarding and exhilarating

Once you take the leap to go solo you’ll never look back. Meeting others, pursuing your passions, exiting your comfort zone, being spontaneous – these are all empowering. And exhilarating!

Whether it’s connecting with another person over a shared passion (or cocktail), visiting sights you’ve dreamed of, or finding that moment to just be you – going solo is special.

Why not join a tour solo with us in 2022? And what’s your favourite thing about solo travel? Let us know in the comments!

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