Why a solo female travel experience is incredible for the soul

Solo female travel is one of the most freeing experiences. To venture out on the road alone takes confidence and courage. Travelling alone means travelling for yourself the way you want, which can be liberating and boost your confidence. But travelling alone as a woman can also be daunting if you haven’t done it before.

If you’ve saved up for the trip of a lifetime or have a long list of bucket list experiences to tick off, why wait for the perfect companions to join you? Create your own magic and embark on a solo female travel experience. You’ll collect more vivid moments, have new conversations and make more connections than you would travelling with friends or family.

Here’s why a solo female travel experience will open your world up, no matter your age.

Do something for yourself

Whether you are single or have a partner, it might seem daunting to leave your loved ones or friends behind and embark on a female travel adventure alone, but the experience is so rewarding. If you struggle to make time for yourself or feel like your life is dedicated to the service of others – be it people you help through your job, decades spent raising your children or looking after sick or elderly parents – there can come a time where you reflect and feel a little lost. Who were you before you became a mother? What activities or hobbies did you once enjoy? Cut the cord of responsibility and travel alone as a woman to rediscover what you enjoy and who you are with solo female travel.

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You’re not the only one who wants to be travelling alone – solo female travel bookings have increased 45% in the last few years. 72% of American women like to take trips solo, while 54% of British women are more likely to take trips alone now than they were five years ago. This data proves that the stigma around travelling alone as a woman has well and truly dropped. Best of all, 59% of women solo travellers would tour alone again within the next 12 months. That means if you join a tour or experience it’s likely that there will be other solo female travellers there to bond with.

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Go where you want to go

Is your heart set on seeing every inch of Italy? Are you itching to go on safari? Or are you curious about the culture and customs of Japan? When you are in charge of where you go on holiday you can tick off whatever it is at the top of your bucket list without compromise. If you’re not interested in visiting the USA, then don’t. But if you’re eager to explore the best of Russia or Morocco, then book yourself a trip and get out there when you can. The year 2020 taught us that life is short so when the time comes to travel don’t hesitate or wait for anyone. 

Views of Machu Picchu

Travel your way

If you’re an early bird and you’re traveling alone, you can embrace the morning hours without guilt. Wake up and embrace who you are, how you like to travel and use the alone time of the early morning to reflect on your life journey. The same goes if you love to sleep until noon and like to stay out until late in evening. Maybe your usual travel buddy drags you along to the theatre or art galleries and you join because you’re friends. When you travel alone as a woman you can please yourself – skip the galleries and spend the day at the beach, if that’s what you want to do. Or lean into your hobbies and interests and turn your solo female travel experiences into a weekend skiing trip or all-female yoga retreat.

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Find a new travel tribe

When you travel alone as a woman there are of course extra precautions to take while exploring new, unknown places. It’s why many solo female travellers choose to join a guided tour for some or all of their vacation time. You’re no longer travelling alone when you align with other like-minded travellers on tour, and the friendships and bonds you will make with others will stay with you for a long time. Some women find their new best friends, travel buddies or pen pals on tour.

Solo female travel allows you to make new friends

Don’t let age stop you

Throw out the idea that solo female travel is a young girl’s game. More and more women over 50 are now embarking on their own solo trips. In fact, around 81% of solo female travellers are over 45 years old, with the average age of women travelling alone being 57. More and more women are considering and want to take a holiday by themselves, whether they have a partner or are single. So much so it’s reached a tipping point where women are travelling alone much more than men. 

Are you feeling ready to travel alone as a woman? What’s stopping you from a solo female travel experience? Let us know in the comments…

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