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12 things you told us that you love about traveling solo

Recently updated on December 1st, 2023 at 06:30 pm

What do you love most about solo travel? Do you march to the beat of your own drum and only do what you want? Do you get up early to admire a foreign city in the quiet morning light? Or relish staying up late for an extra Aperol spritz without judgment?

We asked our past solo guests to share what they love most about traveling solo with Trafalgar. From flexibility and freedom, to making new friends and finding solitude, we found 12 key reasons why you love to travel solo.  

If you’re planning to travel solo with Trafalgar in 2024, availability is limited – so take a look at our Early Bird Travel Sale and get 10% off select tours. Rooms are based on twin share, so solo travelers can choose to share or pay a single supplement for their own room.

Being independent but not alone

Solo travel is about you doing something for yourself. Opening your horizons. Trying new things. Meeting new people. Our past solo guests love the independence a Trafalgar tour offers while also being able to share the experience.

Karen says all her trips with Trafalgar have been solo. “It enables me to see the world with the added benefit of wonderful new companions. You have time to yourself, but there is always someone to talk to and enjoy experiences with.”

Ann says she loves having her “Own space and time through the trip, meeting other travelers and being able to share.”

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The flexibility to do what you want

One of the great things about solo travel is the ability to do what you want when you want. You can change your plans on a whim without consulting anyone else. You can be spontaneous and adapt to new opportunities as they arise.

Our past guest Laura says she misses solo travel sometimes and loves “Not having to ask anyone “can we go here?” or “can we see that?”

David agrees. He appreciates having “The freedom to do what you want, when you want.”

Time to yourself

Traveling alone allows for introspection and self-discovery as you learn more about yourself, face challenges that can to personal growth and increased self-confidence, and find peace in moments of solitude. While we might travel as a group, our past solo travelers say they appreciate their alone time at the end of a big day or during free time.

“Time alone in my own room,” says Olivia.

Patricia says she appreciates having her own room and traveling at her own pace.  “If you are lucky enough to sit alone on the coach, [then] you can enjoy the ride in quiet!”

Making new friends

So many of our past guests said one of the best things about traveling solo is the chance to meet and make new friends. Solo travelers often find it easier to strike up conversations.

“First, I can do whatever I want to do during my trip,” says past solo traveler Tracey. “I also feel when I travel alone, I get to know more about my fellow travelers. I have met and stayed friends with some for years!”

Past guest John also said: “You tend to meet more people. You don’t just stick with your traveling companions.”

Elizabeth, Virginia, and Tracy L all echoed the same idea and said making new friends while traveling solo is the best!


Spontaneous adventures

One of the best things about solo travel, is that the only person you have to please is you! You can say “yes” to spontaneous adventures without worrying about others’ preferences.

“The freedom to do as I wish without having to worry about other people’s opinions and trying to make me feel obligated to them. It is empowering and liberating,” says past guest Helen.

Uninterrupted reflection (and time for social media)

Solo travel provides uninterrupted time for introspection. After a big day touring, seeing new sights, and tasting new foods you can retreat to your hotel room and enjoy quiet time. 

Our past guests Lawrence says he appreciates using his solo time to catch up and keep his family and friends up-to-date.

“The ability to truly decompress when ending a long day of touring,” is a great solo travel benefit, he says. “You’re also able to organize your pictures and record what you saw and felt during your amazing day. And if you post your vacations on social media, as I do, that alone time in your hotel room makes that process so much easier.”

Finding empowerment

It’s empowering to navigate unfamiliar places and situations independently. And it’s empowering to think about what you want without having to think about other people.

Past guest JoAnne says “Being responsible only for myself and not having to negotiate where to go and what to eat” is a highlight during her solo travels.

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Not sharing a hotel room

Some solo guests don’t mind sharing a room with a fellow solo traveler. Others will happily pay a single supplement to have a whole room to themselves. 

Past guest Sonia says she loves having the hotel room to herself. “I can throw off my shoes, let the bags explode out with plenty of room to find what I need (always at the bottom of the bag) and rearrange for the next day. I can have the window, air con, TV, lights etc set however I like, and silence to reflect on the busy touring day.”

Solo traveler Shelley agrees. “I meet and get to know people traveling solo. I love having a room to myself too.”

Past guest Linda doesn’t like early birds waking her up! “I choose zero or low supplement tours, and that makes solo trips possible.”

To book the whole room to yourself, solo travelers may need to pay a single supplement. This is because tours are based on shared twin rates. Often you can find great deals for zero or low-cost supplements so you can enjoy the room to yourself.

Travel at your own pace

“I like my own pace,” says solo traveler Christiane. “I can spend one hour in a church or one hour on a square, looking, taking photos — and do the same thing the next day.  I am the queen of slow travel – I don’t shop and don’t march through towns like I have a plane to catch.”

She says most of her friends do the opposite, so she travels solo. It gives her the safety of traveling with a group, yet the freedom to explore at her pace.

Donna agrees. “I love my own room, and to walk as slow as I want, eat as slow as I want, look at what I want as long as I want. Sometimes I like to sit at a street cafe and just watch the people. Travel should be relaxing and fun!”

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No compromises

When you travel solo you don’t have to compromise on destinations or activities. Your trip is entirely your own. You can explore places and activities that truly interest you – and go home when you’re tired.

“I love the thought of going back to my accommodation after a day of travelling and sightseeing on my own to do what I want to do,” says past guests Kaye. “[I love] never having to wait for someone else to do their thing and just being responsible for myself.”

ChiaHui says “I like to truly do what I want to do at that point in time, and not have to justify what or why I’m doing something. I’m able to decide last-minute to add or skip an activity, and not have to accommodate someone elses preference or wish!”


The freedom to just be yourself

“When truly traveling solo, the ability to be disorganized in my room, and the freedom to NOT read every sign in a museum,” says past guest Hayley. When you know what you like and don’t like, why compromise or try to change? It’s your vacation after all.

Solo travel is simply the best

“I just completed my first Trafalgar trip solo in July 2023 and I agree with all the comments…” says Katrina. “It was amazing and will do it again – the freedom of everything and making new friends was even better.”

If you’re planning to travel solo with Trafalgar in 2024, availability is limited. Take a look at our Early Bird Travel Sale and get 10% off select tours. Solo travelers can choose to share or pay a single supplement for their own room.

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