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Thinking of traveling solo? Read this advice from the Trafalgar community

Solo travel can be a daunting experience, so we turned to the adventurous solo explorers in our Trafalgar Facebook community to get their advice on traveling solo. From joining a group tour to managing your nerves, here’s a few pearls of wisdom from past solo travelers to help ease your fears and inspire your first solo trip. 

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Join a group tour

I have travelled solo for many years. Group tours are a fabulous way to get out there safely and see lots as well as make new friends. I was never alone unless I chose to be. You’ll be surrounded by many adventurous souls who are open-minded, social and inclusive.
– Sandy Saczkowski

I have travelled completely solo by myself. Not in a group. I rented a car and went everywhere myself. If you are still unsure about solo travel then doing it as part of a group is a great way to travel. You meet great people. I have done groups too and a company like Trafalgar takes away a lot of the worries you may have.
– Berna Badenhorst

Just do it! You are never really alone when travelling solo with Trafalgar. You will meet lots of interesting people from all over the world and your travel director will make you feel welcomed and included. I have done a couple of Trafalgar tours solo and would thoroughly recommend them.
– Carolyn Jones

You may arrive solo, but you leave with tons of friends from around the world. I have done multiple solo tours and have never had a bad trip!
– Tracey Reed

I’ve traveled twice solo. I always felt safe and Trafalgar takes wonderful care of you.
– Valorie Bivins

You’ll feel safe travelling in a group! Just show up and you’ll be treated to all the best that destination has to offer without having to do any research or planning!! Just be amazed!!! And enjoy every minute!!!
Kelly McGee

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Be open to meeting new people and making friends

Last year I was signed up for a Trafalgar tour in Scotland with my stepdaughter. She had to call off her trip last minute, so I went on my own. There were 4 other single ladies on the tour so I always had someone to do things with when I wanted company. It was great.
– Debbie Carter Dipert

Introduce yourself to some people in your group. Ask them where they are from..don’t be shy..most people are friendly.
– Tinker Oosterling

You will always meet someone to talk to on your travels, just be open for it.
Janice Germain

Do it. People are wonderful you will make friends before you know it. We had singles traveling with us. Fun people.
– Mary Lou Smelko Kane

Be willing to make friends and be adopted.
– Beth Rice

I have traveled alone for many years. I’ve traveled with Trafalgar and enjoy the chance to meet with others and make new friends. I stay in touch with many I have met on tours.
– Anne Rogers

You may be traveling solo, but you will not be alone!
– Patricia A Libbey

You will not be alone for long. There are always new friends on tours.
– Tracy Laubscher

Be open to travelling alone. Be yourself and you’ll make friends in no time.
– Nadia Filice

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Feeling nervous is normal

I haven’t travelled solo overseas but have here in Australia. My stress in the lead-up nearly made me cancel the trip but so glad I didn’t. It was just the best experience ever. You meet so many amazing people.
– Heather Mahncke

My first solo trip ever was with Trafalgar to Italy nine years ago. I was very nervous and thought, as I sat at the airport waiting for my flight, “Maybe I am making a mistake going solo?” But once I arrived and met the group, I never experienced a moment of feeling lonely! I had great company and made some nice friends that I have kept in contact with and seen since. And I have travelled solo again a few times after this! Yes, it’s wonderful to have a partner to travel with. But life doesn’t wait! If you want to go and don’t have someone to go with; go solo! You won’t regret it!
– Chimène Jewer

I went solo to Iceland last June and had a lovely time. I was a bit stressed when sitting at the airport for the red eye, but once there and in Trafalgar’s hands, all was good. My husband and I travel together all the time but he had zero desire to visit Iceland so off I went. It was liberating. No regrets.
– Lynn Gienger

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Preparation is key

The trouble with solo travel is how addictive it becomes. No sooner are you back home you are planning your next solo trip. Joining a tour, with a company like Trafalgar, is a great way to start. Preparation is important…do lots of pre trip Googling eg finding the quickest/cheapest way from airport to hotel. Perhaps you need to catch a shuttle between terminals to catch the city train/bus/taxi etc. All can be Googled before leaving home. Finally, no matter where you travel in the world local people or fellow travellers are happy to answer your question.
– Caroline Anderson

First of all, don’t be anxious at all!! Rather be proud of yourself for being smart and brave! Do some background check of your destination, safety checks, etc.
– Tasnia Hasan

Have a travel agent and all your ducks in a row, twice the money and half the luggage and always keep your stuff close and eyes open, and enjoy yourself.
– Jan Chesnutt

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If you prefer privacy, book your own room

Went solo last October on the Winter Whirlwind tour around Europe and it was great mixing with couples and singles. Have made some lifelong friends. I think it pays to pay for the single supplement if it’s a longish tour. Having alone time at night is key to recharging for the next day.
– Shahni Waerea

Pay the single supplement if you can because a bad roommate can really make or break your holiday. Don’t be afraid to do your own things around the tour.
– Dallas McCraw

Go for it, it’s liberating. I did but would never share a room again. Pay for the single supplement, it’s well worth it.
– Lisette DP

Yes was told by a TD we had in 2007, when I did my first solo trip to pay the single supplement, it will cost a bit more, because if you share that person can either break or make your Tour, have been solo now three times and yes you’re not left out of things, other people take you under their wings.
– Jan Hall

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Balance your social life with alone time

I have done 6 solo trips with Trafalgar! It was great fun! You’re really not alone, full bus with people on an adventure. You can be as social as you want or not, nice to go back to your room and have it to yourself.
– Linda Maimone

Go for it. You have people around all day and your privacy at night for sleeping. Great new friends to be made and memories to last forever. I’ve done it more than once and have never regretted it!
– Susan Belmonte

I traveled solo to Colorado with Trafalgar last year. Met some great people. After a day or two I was invited to sit with them in restaurants during free time and join them while exploring the towns that we stopped in. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid to decline invites if you need alone time.
– Bill Martin

It’s the best of both worlds. You have company when you want it and do whatever you like the rest of the time. A group tour is perfect for the solo traveler.
– Ann Woodward

You will be fine and it’s quite liberating. I went to Scotland by myself and joined a Trafalgar tour in Edinburg and had a great time. Being by yourself means you will meet new people but also have quiet time.
– Cheryl Heritage Massey

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Talk to the locals

Book a hotel near a Metro/train station and ask the reception for recommendations.
– Diane Brady Angelone

Enjoy the extra room in the coach seats! You’ll have a great time! Ask to join someone for meals. You’ll make a lotta new friends. Try talking with the locals. Pantomime at least.
– Mike Temple

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You’re never too old to travel solo

I’ve done it twice, I’m in my seventies! I’ve met people I still keep in touch with!
– Ann Peel

I’ve done it for 20 years since my husband passed away I love it!
– Karen Lewis Trimbur

Just do it, I travelled Canada, and USA for over 5 months loved it and I was 69.
– Bev Greig

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Don’t wait to live your dreams 

Going solo is empowering. You do things outside your normal world and find the confidence in situations you didn’t know you had. You’ll never regret going, only that you didn’t go.
– Princess Young

Don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it. If I waited for other people, I would never travel. Also, a tour is a great way if you’re apprehensive.
– Tim Hastings

You might be solo but never alone. I traveled a handful of times solo and every time there were always a handful of other people solo as well that I had a blast with. It’s scary the first time but then it is invigorating! I learned early on to never feel like you need to wait for someone else to live your best life!
– Sarah Kortright Powell

Don’t wait! The sooner you go the sooner you will wonder why did I wait so long! A whole new world will open your eyes!
– Jeanne Angersoll

Go, don’t think twice. you won’t regret it.
– Debra Evans – Schendal

Don’t give it a 2nd thought. You’ll connect with other tour travelers and make friends for a lifetime!
– Sandy Klein

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Just do it

Just do it! I did a Trafalgar tour on my own, made lifelong friends and I had a blast!
– Daniela Savona Machado

Just go and do it!! Such the best experience seeing new things and meeting new people!! I’ve done this and I now have lifetime memories and friends and I’m saving my money to do it all again soon!!
– Ange Elliott

Just do it. You will probably meet more people along the way than if you were travelling with someone.
– Karen Ingham

Just do it. You will meet some interesting people and I find people to be mostly friendly and helpful.
– Sharon O’Toole

Yep just do it. I travelled from New Zealand to the UK via two stopovers in Hong Kong and Paris on my own and I was fine. I went to some sketchy areas and through loads of cemeteries and I am still here. Just don’t be irresponsible.
– Sarah Gillian

Bite the bullet and go.
– Kathleen Smith

Just do it. You’re never really solo on a Trafalgar Tour.
– Pat Meadows

You only need to do it once & you’ll continue travelling solo forever!
– Karen Rigg

Do it! It is the most liberating thing you will ever do.
– Nicki Mitchell

Just do it! Never let your fears inhibit your life!
– Donna McIvor

Just grab your courage and do it!
– Arlene Polangin

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More success stories from solo travelers

Do it!! I was solo on my Trafalgar trip but did not feel alone at all! Everyone is on the trip to have fun and meet new people! I was in Venice for my 40th birthday and they all made me feel so special!
– Jamie Frank

I was the only person travelling solo on our Trafalgar 4 week tour of Europe in 2005. 8 of us from the Sydney area still meet up every few months and get together with interstate travellers every few years. The camaraderie will last a lifetime.
– Janelle Tyson

Just do it. Just got back from back to back tours being a solo. Europe was fantastic and everyone on the bus just gels fast. Met some awesome new people. Second trip was great Britain and Ireland, was also a good trip. Had the adventure of a life time. Was nervous about doing solo, however was nothing to worry about. Enjoy.
– Graeme Rackley

Go, go, go with Trafalgar. I just got back from a Trafalgar tour to Ireland and Scotland. Best decision of my life ! Tour was excellent. Exceeded my expectations. Tour guide and driver were the best. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Just go!
– Beth Cooke

You might be travelling solo but you meet the most amazing people from around the world (make friends) and share experiences and some good times. My first trip was solo and I was very apprehensive…had an amazing time and met some beautiful people.
– Susan Michael

I went solo in March and had the time of my life. Grand European Tour. Met the most beautiful group of people and have made some great friends for life. Enjoy the moments and take it all in!
– Tina Anastasia

Are you thinking of traveling solo? Let us know in the comments below!

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