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Why solo travel for over 55's is booming post-pandemic

COVID-19 restrictions gave us more than cooking recipes and Netflix binges. We had time to think. And with that came new goals and bulkier bucket-lists. The craving to escape our homes and reclaim our freedom inspired masses of all ages to adventure alone. Far from done yet, the older generations are leading the trend – meaning solo travel for over 55’s has skyrocketed post-pandemic. Here’s why.

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Why is solo travel soaring post-pandemic?

solo travel for over 55's

The pandemic impacted all us in different ways. Home haircuts, gloomy news broadcasts and boredom gave each day an otherworldly feel. Some grew tired of their lockdown companions. Others mulled over life goals and made plans for the future. Some nurtured new interests and planned ways to explore them. The result? We dotted world maps, booked flights and bulked up bucket-lists. As Google trend data shows an enormous 761% increase in solo travel in 2021.

Today the post-pandemic wanderlust still soars. It calls us to harness our freedom. Do things our own way. Seize the day. Wait for no-one. This means travelling solo.

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Why is solo travel for over 55’s so popular?

Solo travel for over 55’s has surged post-pandemic for these reasons and more. Perhaps with fuller pockets and less lifespan left than younger generations – there’s a desire to travel now, not tomorrow. Many wish to travel where they want (when they want) and that means happily leaving a partner behind if they don’t share the same travel goal. Other reasons include wanting to meet people from different cultures, exit their comfort zone and create enriching new experiences. Forgive the cliché… but life really is too short.

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Little anxious? Why solo travel tours give you the best of both worlds

The thought of solo travel can bring anxiety for first-timers. You might visualise standing in unfamiliar land with nothing but a map and a rucksack. Eating alone. Deprived of friendly interactions. Unsure where to go and what to do next. But you can banish these thoughts from your mind on a Trafalgar solo travel tour. Here, you’ll meet other solo travellers and enjoy a hand-crafted itinerary to unsure you experience the best bits of destinations. While still relishing heaps of “me time” and the freedom to roam. Welcome to the best of both worlds.

At Trafalgar, we’ve recently reduced or removed single supplements on many of our trips, meaning the cost of travelling solo is no longer a worry and eliminating the awkward fear of sharing a room with someone you (don’t yet) know. Find out more about Trafalgar’s new and improved options for solo travellers.

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Why should I jump aboard the solo travel train?

solo travel

Boosted confidence. New-found skills, passions and friends. Unrestricted freedom. Bucket-list adventures. Life-affirming moments. You need more than one hand to count the benefits of solo travel. From authentic home cooking from an Italian mamma in the Tuscan hills to gazing at architecture in Barcelona or kayaking in Vietnam – there are just some things that cannot wait. Especially in the wake of the pandemic. So we have question for you: where are you heading first?

Have you travelled solo before? Tell us where you explored and what you most liked about it in the comments below?

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