How to spoil your travel-loving Mom on Mother's Day

Recently updated on July 6th, 2023 at 11:28 am

You may be separated by the COVID-19 lockdown, but your mom still deserves the best. While she probably didn’t think she’d be spending her special day in isolation this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil her from a distance! Sure, nothing can quite compare with going on a trip with your travel-loving mom, but here are 7 ways to spoil her from afar this Mother’s Day.

1. Take a virtual trip together

Everest base camp panoramic view travel with your mum

Who said you can’t still take a trip in lockdown? Dozen’s of the world’s best tourist attractions, world wonders, national parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, galleries, theatres and even space centres are now offering online virtual tours.

From walking the Grand Canyon and climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp, to seeing the Northern Lights and exploring Machu Picchu, to wandering the famous halls of the Louvre Museum in Paris or the Museum of Modern art (MoMA) in New York, there are so many amazing ways to (virtually) travel with your mom this Mother’s Day.

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2. Watch a travel-inspired movie or documentary

Skopelos island Greece Mamma Mia movie mother's day

If you normally celebrate Mother’s Day by watching a movie on the couch with your mom, that plan doesn’t have to completely go out the window! There are a few ways you can still watch your favourite travel movies or documentaries together from afar, with apps like Houseparty, Zoom and the Google Chrome browser extension called Netflix Party.

If you’re looking for inspo, some of our favourite travel docos are Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, and An Idiot Abroad with Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington. Or, travel to faraway lands with beautiful movies like Under the Tuscan Sun, Mamma Mia, In Bruges or Wild. 

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3. Send her some travel books

woman reading kindle spoil your mum

Spark your mom’s love of travel by sending her some travel books, or download some audiobooks or books for her kindle. From travel guides to classic novels like The Life of Pi and The Beach, you’re sure to find something that will transport your mom away to another world for a while. 

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4. Print some of her favourite travel photos

camera polaroid travel photos travel with your mum

Take a trip down memory lane with your mom this Mother’s Day by going through your old travel photos together. You’ll have so much fun remembering all the special and hilarious things that have happened on your past trips. Plus it’s sure to get you even more excited for the next time you get to travel together.

You can even print off some of her favourite photos so she can hang them around the house. Or, create a travel photo album she can look through for years to come.

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5. Surprise her with food or drinks from around the world

rolling dough mother's day spoil your mum

You can explore the world through food and one of the best ways to spoil your travel-loving mum is with a hamper of delicious international food. You could send her a meal from her favourite Italian restaurant, deliver a bottle of her favourite French wine, or even send her a cookbook and a box of ingredients to make something entirely new!

Check out BBC Good Food for hundreds of free recipes around the world. Or check out the Food and Drink section of The Real Word for wonderful homemade recipes from our Trafalgar team. We love Arild’s Norwegian apple tarts and Catherine’s Beef & Guinness pies!

6. Send her some new travel gadgets

packing cubes suitcase mother's day travel with your mum

It’s never too early to start prepping for your next travel adventure. We’re sure your mom would love to receive some new travel accessories to make her next trip easier. Whether it’s some nifty packing cubes or a new camera, there are plenty of travel gadgets out there to spoil your mum.

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7. Start planning your next trip together

map laptop travel planning travel with your mum mother's day

Give the gift of anticipation and start planning your next adventure with your mom. You can have a Skype or Zoom session and share your screen, so you can start researching all the things you want to do and see. Whether you want to take a local trip to visit family or plan something bigger with an overseas trip, your mom will love having a trip to look forward to. 

Have you got any great ideas on how to spoil your mum from afar this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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