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Discover Swore Farms and its homegrown food in Idaho, USA

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An agricultural paradise awaits Trafalgar guests just North of Pocatello, in Idaho (USA). Introducing Wendy Swore who have all been running ‘Swore Farms’ (with help from her husband and children) for 20 years.

But 2022 marked the first year that adults could enjoy the farm. So in typical Trafalgar style… we simply couldn’t miss out. As 907 Trafalgar guests (during 20 Five Epic National Parks tours) have taken the opportunity to throw themselves into agricultural life here: harvesting their own crops, hopping on tractor rides, and losing themselves deep in corn mazes and pumpkin patches.

“The visit to Wendy’s farm was wonderful. She and her family really treated us well, providing us with information about their farm, the tractor ride and the fresh meal was great.”

Trafalgar guest (Five Epic National Parks tour)

Here’s what you can look forward to.

Get to know rural life at Swore Farms

rural life in Idaho's Swore Farms
Swore Farms, Idaho

“Our mission is to enrich the community through healthy, delicious, fresh produce grown right here on the farm… and offer quality family fun late summer through fall as people play in the corn maze & pumpkin patch and learn about agriculture.”

Wendy Swore

After buying a farm next to her husband’s in 1999, fuelled by her love of family and community, Wendy set about to create Swore Farms to bring people together with fresh, delicious local produce. Awash with colour in rural Idaho, people flock here from across the world to witness pure, rural life. Proven by the fact Wendy created her infamous corn maze manually with a weed whacker, while using no maps or GPS!

Family is everything here

Swore farms life

3 of Wendy’s 5 children continue to live and work on the farm. And both Wendy and her husband’s parents meet and great Trafalgar’s guests during the Be My Guest Swore Farm experience on tour. In addition to this, you’ll spot animals blissfully roaming the grounds – including her dog, 2 geese, 7 peacocks, 11 ducks, 19 cats and 237 chickens! Amazingly, guests who visited as children are now bringing their children to Swore Farms – as the community continues to grow together.

All about the Swore Farms experience (on our Five Epic National Parks tour)

Wendy Swore

‘We cook food for your family and ours’

Wendy Swore

Wendy and her family welcome you with open arms and cannot wait to show you their way of life. First run in 2022, this Be My Guest experience will stay with you forever.

Taste Swore Farms’ homegrown food

You will have to revaluate the meaning of ‘fresh’ after tasting Wendy’s famous corn and red potatoes. Amazingly, she picks 42 corn ears per minute. So there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into.

Following a fun tractor ride around the farm with a stop off for pumpkin picking, you’ll take your seat under the drapes in their greenhouse for a gorgeous plate of homegrown food. Here, you can feel healthy local produce refresh your spirit as you taste the land with every bite.

There’s also time to sample the ‘food truck’, which sells Swore farm’s infamous fries (made from local potatoes), plus jams and jelly sandwiches. So be sure to bring your appetite!

Put your harvesting skills to the test

Swore Farms

With helpful tips from farm staff, you can have a go at harvesting sun cherry tomatoes off fresh vines, as well as strawberries and peppers. And you can even choose to cook and eat them after. Talk about authentic rural life! You will also learn all about how crops are grown and what machines are used for.

Get lost during the farm’s maze games

Maze Games at Swore Farm

Let your playful spirit loose as you venture into Wendy’s hand-made corn and hay mazes. How much have you been listening? As answering questions about farming correctly while inside will lead you to the maze exits, but wrong answers will send you down a lost path!

A book before you leave

Wendy Swore: The Wish and the Peacock

As Wendy and her warm family wave goodbye, she will hand you a free signed copy of her acclaimed children’s book on rural life: The Wish and the Peacock.

You won’t forget Swore Farms in a hurry! Would you like to visit here on our Five Epic National Parks tour in 2023?

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