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10 top things to do in Prague

Recently updated on August 13th, 2023 at 07:56 pm

Why do we love Prague? Let us count the ways! The beautiful ‘City of a Thousand Spires’ is packed with incredible things to do, from river cruising to beer tasting to museum hopping. With a history that dates back over a thousand years, you won’t be short of amazing sights to see, with ancient cathedrals and castles and bridges that lead to the treasures of the Old Town Square. From the cobbled streets to the hilltop views, read our Prague travel guide for 10 of the top things to do in Prague on your next holiday to the Czech Republic.

1. Stroll across Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge things to do in Prague

A walk across the iconic Charles Bridge is one of the best things to do in Prague. It’s the oldest surviving bridge in the city and you can’t miss checking out the beautiful Baroque statues of saints that line the bridge. It was built all the way back in the 14th century during the era of Emperor Charles IV and legend has it that egg yolks were mixed into the mortar during construction for extra strength.

It seems to have worked because after centuries of traffic crossing the bridge, it’s still standing and more gorgeous than ever! Instead of the horse carriages or trams of old, today the bridge is filled with local artists selling handicrafts. You’ll get some lovely views over the river too.

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2. Explore Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral Prague Castle Prague

It doesn’t get much more impressive than Prague Castle. It’s the largest ancient castle in the world and parts of it are over 1,000 years old! Construction on Prague Castle started in 870 but didn’t finish until 1929 and during that time, this former seat of the kings of Bohemia has witnessed some of the country’s most significant events. Today it’s the official residence of the Czech president.

There are plenty of things to do in Prague Castle, like seeing the Basilica of St George and the mysterious Golden Lane. It’s said that alchemists once had to look on this street to learn how to turn ordinary materials into gold.

You also can’t miss St. Vitus Cathedral, set within the castle complex. It’s the most important religious shrine in the Czech Republic and is where the kings of Bohemia were coronated. Some were even buried in tombs under the cathedral’s floor! Head to the cathedral’s main tower and you’ll get panoramic views over the city.

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3. Discover the Mala Strana district and St. Nicholas Church

mala strana district Prague st nicholas church

We love wandering the baroque backstreets, cobbled laneways and magical squares of the Mala Strana district in Prague. You’ll find plenty of traditional Czech pubs and restaurants, quaint shops to browse and gorgeous views of the river.

You can also find the beautiful St. Nicholas Church which sits under the gaze of Prague Castle. It’s a superb example of Prague’s baroque architecture and you’ll love exploring the intricate interior.

ornate interior st nicholas church Prague
Image credit: Jorge Royan / Wikimedia Commons

The tower next door also houses a small museum dedicated to the tower’s former use as an observation post for the communist-era secret police. When you travel Prague with Trafalgar, you can choose to embark on an exclusive after-hours visit of St. Nicholas Church and discover all its secrets!

4. See the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square

astronomical clock tower old town square prague

Head to Prague’s Old Town Square and you’ll come across one of the city’s most enchanting delights, the 14th-century Astronomical Clock. Every hour, on the hour, the clock draws a crowd of onlookers as the magical Walk of the Apostles begins.

It’s thought to be the world’s best-preserved medieval mechanical clock and the show to mark the turn of the hour never disappoints. While it’s beautiful all year round, we think it’s extra special in winter when they surround the Old Town Square with glittering Prague Christmas markets.

5. Taste the trdelník and wash it down with the local beer

trdelník sweet pastries things to do in Prague

While you’re soaking up the history and architectural gems of the Old Town Square, don’t forget to indulge in the sweet pastry trdelník. It’s a famous Prague delicacy, similar to churros, but made in lovely spirals. They’re filled with all kinds of delicious things like chocolate or cream and come coated in sugar and cinnamon. Utter bliss!

And of course, you can’t visit Prague without trying out the world-famous Czech beer (pivo). The country claims to have the best beer in the world and it’s easy to test that claim in Prague, with a huge choice of pubs and bars all over the city.

Czech beer pretzels things to do in Prague

Sample the iconic Czech lagers like Budvar and Staropramen, or dig a little deeper and try out some craft beers from the best microbreweries in the country. If you really love your frothy brews, head to the Prague Beer Museum where you’ll find more than 30 Czech beers on tap. Na zdraví!

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6. Take a scenic cruise on the River Vltava

boat river cruise things to do in Prague

One of the most relaxing things to do in Prague is to cruise the River Vltava. You’ll get to see the city from a different angle on the river, with some great views of the historic centre.

When you visit Prague with Trafalgar, we’ll take you on a scenic river cruise and reveal all the legends and myths of the city over a lunch of local specialities. You’ll have a few hours to enjoy the tranquillity of the riverbanks along the Vltava and soak up the city sights. Perfect!

7. Admire the views from Petřín Hill

st lawrence church petrin hill prague

If you’re craving more Prague greenery, you can’t go wrong with Petřín Hill. The top of the hill offers spectacular views over the city, plus there are plenty of things to explore on the hill like seeing the Church of St. Michael and a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower.

If you’re keen for a walk, you can climb the 299 steps to the top of Petřín Hill. Not in the mood to walk? You can ride the funicular railway from the Mala Strana district all the way to the top.

8. Explore the Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery complex Prague

Set on a ridge near Prague Castle, the Strahov Monastery is a treasure trove full of wonderful things to explore. Founded in the 12th century, this Premonstratensian abbey was one of the earliest institutions of its kind in the country.

strahov monastery library things to do in Prague
Image credit: Scott Gregory / Flickr

It’s home to a magnificent library – a dreamworld for book lovers. You can spend hours soaking it all in with its splendid Baroque Theological and Philosophical Halls. Whenever you need a break, the monastery also houses a popular restaurant with a great brewery.

9. Explore the medieval town of Kutná Hora

st barbara cathedral kutna hora prague czech republic

If you’re still looking for things to do in Prague, why not head a little way out of the city to Kutná Hora, a fascinating medieval town. We’ll take you here to see the ancient frescoes and flying buttresses of the Gothic Church of St. Barbara and the UNESCO-listed Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel line with human skeletons! You’ll also get to explore the Czech Museum of Silver, where you’ll learn about the city’s silver mining history and see a replica of a medieval mine.

10. Experience Prague by night

aerial view over prague illuminated night

So you’ve seen Prague by day…. But what about by night? Prague absolutely glitters after sunset with its spires and bridges illuminating after dark. Cross the shining Charles Bridge, then take on Prague’s iconic nightlife. The city is famed for its jazz and classical music and there are hundreds of live music venues. Enjoy a drink and kick back as a musician entertains and raise a glass to one incredible adventure in Prague! 

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What are your favourite things to do in Prague? Let us know in the comments below…

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