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‘I’m happy my daughter didn’t have to wait to see the world!’ – celebrate Mother's Day with your travel stories

It’s one of the most special and emotive days in the calendar – Mother’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate one of the most important and pivotal figures in our lives. We didn’t want to let the occasion pass without picking out some of our favorite Mother’s Day stories you’ve shared with us.

From a mother-daughter pair of teachers exploring the world they’d only previously read about in textbooks, to a sweet 16 tour of Europe, these are the stories that leave us feeling inspired to show the love ourselves.

‘European Whirl with my mum was such a memorable trip’ – Isabelle’s story

Australian Isabelle and her mother enjoyed a trip of firsts on our European Whirl tour:

“European Whirl with my mum was such a memorable trip with so many great moments. As an Aussie, I’d never seen snow in real life before, so the cruise of the Rhine was really special and beautiful. Getting to throw a few snowballs on our way to the boat was definitely a highlight!”

‘My daughter gained confidence in herself as a solo traveler’ – Pat and Mikaila’s story

Pat and her daughter Mikaila traveled to Italy for Mikaila’s 18th birthday, inspiring a newfound love of solo travel in the latter.

“My daughter and I celebrated her 18th birthday and graduation from high school by taking a Trafalgar trip to Italy. We enjoyed touring with other families and helped a couple celebrate their 50th anniversary! Two of the group members held impromptu music and singing sessions which delighted all 40 travellers.

“Mikaila gained confidence in herself as someone who could enjoy solo travel and the next summer she went to Malta on her own for anthropology field school. One of the best parts of our trip was being featured in the AMA Westworld magazine the summer after our trip. We were interviewed and photos we had taken were published in the magazine! Many friends and family members enjoyed our story and we have a lovely keepsake of our trip.”

‘Mom was always my pillar and trusted travel companion’ – Chantal’s story

Mother-daughter pair Chantal and Ilona enjoyed a colourful trip to Holland that created particularly special memories

“Mom was always my pillar and trusted travel companion. She loved flowers, so obviously I took her to see the tulips in celebration of her 70th birthday. Sadly Mom is no longer with us, but thanks to Trafalgar we made so many beautiful memories together that I will forever cherish in my heart.”

‘There were actually 6 mother-daughter travelers in our group!’ – Daisy’s story

When mother and daughter Daisy and Karissa headed to Europe together, they were surprised to find like-minded fellow travelers

“This was the first mother-daughter trip that my daughter Karissa took. She turned 16 that year and instead of having a party she chose to go traveling instead. We had a good experience on this trip! Not only did we saw lots of beautiful and famous landmarks in Europe but we also met new friends—there were actually 6 mother-daughter travelers in our group at that time. We surely had lots of time sightseeing and getting to know each other along the way!”

‘Israel was everything and more and we made precious memories’ – KellieRose’s story

KellieRose and her mother both work as teachers, but knowing about the world from textbooks and seeing it for themselves were two different things!

The “teaching gene” runs strong in my family. Both of us are teachers, my mother and me! We’ve spent our careers learning about far off places in books, now we like to see how these destinations really look! As mother and daughter we took a fantastic vacation to an amazing historical destination. Israel was everything and more and we made precious memories galore! We look forward to making more memories with Trafalgar, my mother and me! 🙂

‘I’m so happy my daughter didn’t have to wait until she was 52 (like me!) to see the world’ – Kelly’s story

From gondolas of the Alpine kind to those in Venice, Kelly and her daughter both enjoyed new experiences in Italy

“Here, my daughter and I are in a gondola in Venice on our first mother-daughter trip to Europe. Just that morning, we were riding in a gondola up the Swiss Alps! We saw so much on this trip. I’m so happy my daughter didn’t have to wait until she was 52 like me to see the world!”

‘One of my favorite moments was perusing the streets of Rome under the full moon’ – Melanie’s story

Another Italian adventure, Melanie and her mother had a magical experience in Rome, Florence and Venice

“In 2017, my mom embarked on the Real Italy tour with Trafalgar, which took us to all the major cities – everywhere from Rome to Venice to Florence and everything in between! One of my favorite moments of this mother-daughter trip was walking through the streets of Rome, right after the sun set.

“I tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain and made a wish, then grabbed a scoop of gelato while perusing the streets of Rome under the full moon. There was something so magical about being there in that very moment. It was my, “wait, am I really here?” moment for me.”

Discover more of your personal travel stories from our Trafalgar Unlocked Awards. Want to share your own Mother’s Day travel tales? Leave a comment below

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