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We met on a Trafalgar tour and are still friends 9 years later

Recently updated on August 13th, 2023 at 09:12 pm

Travel is about the people you meet along the way, and some lucky travellers make a friend for life while on a Trafalgar tour. With International Day of Friendship coming up on July 30, we asked Cyndi from Ottawa, Canada, about how she met Guenevere, from New York City, while on tour around northern Italy. Now the two special friends are travel buddies and love to explore the world together.

Let’s hear from Cyndi about their friendship, what makes Guenevere a great travel buddy and where they are going to next with Trafalgar…

Since it’s International Day of Friendship, tell us about how you met your friend Guenevere? 

In 2014 we were both travelling solo on the Best of the Italian Lakes tour. We both share a love of travelling in Europe, and we loved the itinerary of that tour.

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Did you and Guenevere instantly click on your Trafalgar tour, or did it take time to connect? 

We immediately hit it off as like-minded travelers who share a passion for travel and adventure.  We are both single, and both Cat Moms so that kind of broke the ice 😊.

A year later we did a Trafalgar tour of the Greek Islands and had a great time together.

Why do you and Guenevere get along so well?

We both have a love affair with all things British. We meet up in London almost every year since 2014 and joke that we will fly at a minute’s notice to London to go to see a play, witness a Royal wedding or shop a good sale at Marks & Spencer. 

We both are strong, independent women who share many likes but appreciate each other’s differences and encourage each other’s passions.

Can you share a favourite memory from being on the road together? 

There are too many fond memories to put on paper – just laughter and more laughter!

Your next trip together is to Northern Ireland. What are you looking forward to most and why did you choose Ireland? 

Our next Trafalgar tour is Ireland’s Legendary North in April 2023. Guenevere chose the tour and, as she knows I love the regional tours, she sent me the link to this trip and I was in.  We have both been to Ireland before, but look forward to exploring this region.

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Why do you choose Trafalgar when you tour? 

We both trust Trafalgar for the quality of service, professionalism, itineraries and feeling of safety.  

How do you keep in touch when you’re not travelling together? 

We have not seen each other since the pandemic but keep in touch via email and text. We talk often and are meeting up in London this August for the first time since February 2020. 

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What destinations do you dream of travelling to together next? 

Wow that is a tall order! There are so many new tours to go on, but I think we would love to do a regional tour of Scotland as we have both toured there with Trafalgar before separately and would love to go back and see more. For us both, really it is all about the itinerary itself and the length of tour.

Do you have any tips for other travellers looking for friends and travel buddies? 

I think the best tip or advice for eager travellers is go solo if your friends and family cannot or won’t go. Every trip I have done solo I meet people and have a fantastic time on tour. You never know who you will meet – Guenevere and I will be lifelong friends now. Birds of a feather flock together. 

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Any other nuggets of wisdom about long-distance friendship or travelling with friends?

Nothing these days is long distance – you are just a click or flight away. In the days of old there used to be pen pals, and now we have travel pals.

Have you met a new best friend, travel buddy or life partner on a Trafalgar tour? Tell us your story in the comments below…

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