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8 of the best travel apps to help make your trip smooth sailing

Popular travel apps are essential in helping plan your trip, manage your flights and ease any anxiety around navigating life in a new city. Apple or Android, we’ve rounded up some of our best travel apps to make your trip smooth sailing.

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Even the most app-averse among us will recognise the power and convenience of popular travel apps like Uber, Google Maps and WhatsApp. Technology is moving quickly and new, essential travel apps are absolute game-changers when it comes to plotting your journey. The right information is literally at your fingertips.

For ease, convenience, and support, here’s a list of our essential travel apps:

1. App in the Air

Screenshots of App In The Air Travel app

Billed as a ‘personal assistant in your pocket’, App in the Air gathers all your travel information onto one handy, streamlined platform.  With App in the Air, you can:

  • Keep track of your itineraries, boarding passes, and frequent-flier points
  • Confirm your flight’s departure and landing times, along with current waits for check-in, security, and customs
  • Check your baggage allowance, location of airport lounges and facilities available (handy if you need a pharmacy in Sofia International Airport, for example)
  • Research gate information, airport layout, and taxi options

In fact, there is little App in the Air can’t do. From gathering handy hints and tips from fellow travellers to uncovering hidden tourist gems in your next destination, this is one of the cyberspace’s best travel apps.

2. WeatherBug

Screenshots of Weatherbug app

There are plenty of weather apps around, but WeatherBug is one of those essential travel apps you simply can’t live without.

It delivers real-time weather reporting and accurate weather (including rainfall) predictions. Whether you’re looking for hourly updates or a long-term forecast, WeatherBug has you covered.

3. XE Currency

Screenshots of Xe Currency app

The XE Currency app has been around for a while and it is still the simplest, easiest way to keep up to date with the latest exchange rates. If you don’t know your rouble from your rupee, XE is there to convert, calculate and track your spend with ease.

The app also allows you to monitor up to 10 currencies at a time, receive alerts and notifications, and even transfer money internationally if need be. At the very least, its reliable, up-to-the-minute exchange rate charts make it a must-have travel companion!

4. Duolingo

Screenshots of Duolingo app

Heading to Nairobi? Master Swahili phrases and greetings with Duolingo’s handy Swahili lessons. Packing for France? Consider free French lessons.  Duolingo, now one of the world’s most popular language-learning apps, allows you to learn a new language through engaging, game-like lessons and activities.

Of course, not everyone has an instant knack for languages. If you have given Duolingo a bash and are still floundering, Google Translate is your next go-to essential travel app. Google Translate allows you to type or speak directly into your phone to translate over 100 languages. It’s handy for basic greetings and phrases, but can also help translate menus and instructions – even traffic signs.

5. Tripadvisor

screenshots of Tripadvisior travel app

The Tripadvisor Hotel, Flight and Restaurant App is one of the best travel apps out there. Search for restaurant reviews and popular attractions, and use it to plan your outings and excursions. Tripadvisor can give you insights and uncensored reviews on anything from restaurants in Ljubljana, Slovenia, to zip-lining in Costa Rica.

Alternatively, consider the Foursquare City Guide, which uses your mobile device’s GPS to identify your location, before recommending places for you to visit, including highly-recommended restaurants, museums and local gems in the city you’re visiting.

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6. Zeamo

Screenshots of Zeamo

We all know that travel takes you out of your daily routine, and while that’s a good thing, exercise and fitness tend to take a knock. Zeamo is the perfect app for people who want to stay active while abroad.

Download the app and explore over 25,000 gyms around the world. Best of all, you can filter your search to find anything from lap pools and boxing gyms to yoga and tai chi.  You can purchase a day pass to any participating gym or spa through the app, making it easy and convenient to work out in a strange city.

7. Splitwise

Screenshots of SplitWise

Are you travelling with a group of friends or family? Fancy the idea of a holiday kitty, but unsure of how to keep track of the expenses? Splitwise is a great example of one of those essential travel apps you never knew you needed.

Splitwise allows you to keep track of shared expenses, split costs, check balances, work out who owes who what, and generally keep everything fair and hassle-free.

In addition, you can download Splitwise Pro, with its convenient receipt scanning capability, handy charts and graphs, currency conversion, and more. Put away the calculator, Splitwise is here!

8. LoungeBuddy

screenshot of Loungebuddy

Are you facing a long layover or unexpected flight delay? LoungeBuddy allows you to purchase airport lounge access at all major airports worldwide, from as little as $25.

Forget annual membership fees, LoungeBuddy grants you lounge access when you need it, where you need. This is one of the most popular travel apps for frequent travellers. All you need to do is download it to while away the hours in comfort, coffee in hand.

What is your go-to, essential travel app? How does it compare to the ones we’ve listed above? Let us know in the comments below…

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