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We asked, you answered: This is where our community most want to travel in 2023

Recently updated on August 14th, 2023 at 10:38 am

Wondering where to travel in 2023? We asked our community of Trafalgar fans to tell us about their 2023 travel dreams and the destinations they most want to visit this year. The answer? It surprised us a little. Italy isn’t the winner this year…

Of course, there were still plenty of votes for the southern European destination, but the overall results showed us that our Trafalgar travellers are a diverse bunch with a wide range of destinations at the front of their minds. From Iceland to India, read on to discover the travel dreams, tours and bucket-list locations that our community is manifesting in 2023.

Top place to travel in 2023: Britain & Ireland

Our Trafalgar community is most keen to travel to bonnie Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales on tours in 2023. While our UK trips are always popular, it was surprising to see the English-speaking islands leap ahead of ever-popular Italy.

Travellers looking at the UK for 2023 were most excited to explore Scotland and Ireland. These two destinations seem to evoke a sense of wonder, perhaps thanks to the rich history and curious castles, lush green landscapes and ever-changing scenery. Picture yourself standing atop Edinburgh Castle, then exploring the vast Highlands. Or lapping the Ring of Kerry, visiting the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher, then downing a pint or two in Dublin.

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Mysterious and captivating, the scenery across the UK changes with the season and the weather, so every trip feels unique. One day you might be touring the Scottish Islands as a mist rises or fog lifts, then later travelling to England’s Bath on a clear-sky blue sunny day. You never know what you’ll get, and that’s part of the adventure.

Are you dreaming of the UK too? 

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The Balkans

cobblestone market street in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Taking out equal second place, along with Italy, our Trafalgar community said they are most excited to travel the Balkans in 2023. Some future travellers mentioned they are eager to adventure through the whole region to explore its rich culture, war history, and delicious cuisine. From the sights of Sarajevo to the seaside at Split, trips to the Balkans offer a rewarding mix of fairytale landscapes with lush mountains, turquoise rivers, and medieval ruins, and painfully beautiful coastal scenes with fresh fish and seafood dishes.

A few guests specifically mentioned Croatia. And who can blame them after seeing pictures of the turquoise-blue Adriatic Sea shimmering beneath summer skies? With dozens of islands off the coast, there are hundreds of beautiful beaches to explore, seafood dinners to click glasses of local wine over, and a new culture to explore.

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Did you know you can win a trip to the Balkans with us this year?! You just need to enter our Trafalgar Unlocked Awards and share a special memory from a past Trafalgar tour. Don’t delay – entries close 24 February 2023.

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It’s hard to resist the charm of Italy. This forever favourite destination always crops up in our most popular polls, and for good reason. Fortunately there is so much to uncover (and seemingly endless bowls of regional pasta to try) across the boot. From the Alpine scenery and lakes of the north, to the sizzling scenes of Sicily in the south, Italy offers a huge range of experiences. That makes it easy to return again and again… like when planning your travel in 2023.

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If you’re keen to travel to Italy in 2023, start looking at tours for summer now as the most popular trips will sell out. Of course, Italy is great in any season and off-peak you’ll find quieter towns and villages that make it feel like you’re the only tourists there! 

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Where else do people want to travel to in 2023?

Lisbon tram

The sunny plains of Spain and Portugal, and the buttery rich cuisine of France. The ancient sights of Egypt, and curious culture of Turkey. These destinations came across as the other favourite locations when it came to 2023 travel and tours.

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A few future guests also mentioned that they’d be joining us for European tours. On these trips we travel across many countries and cultures. Travellers will get to see the greatest sights and go deep into each destination in a way that’s not possible when you travel independently. It’s the best way to explore if it’s your first trip to Europe or if you have limited time. These cross-Europe tours range from a week sojourn to epic month-long trips.

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This is how you voted

Rounding out the list of 2023 dream travel destinations is Iceland, Costa Rica, Scandinavia, Peru and India. One traveller mentioned they are super keen to see the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle. Another is excited to explore the jungles of Costa Rica. 

So, that’s where our Trafalgar community is eager to travel to in 2023. Do you have plans? Tell us the 2023 travel destinations, locations and experiences high on your list in the comments….

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