This year I will... 7 travel resolutions to make and keep in 2021

For anyone who loves to get out there, making travel resolutions is a great chance to really think deeply about where you want to go, how you want to travel and the impact you wish you leave on the world in 2021. 

Writing your intentions down – on paper or digitally – makes your travel goals real and tangible. It gives you a chance to consider how you will achieve them and will motivate other aspects of your life, like budgeting and career.

New year, new places to travel. Here are seven travel resolutions that you can make and keep in 2021.

Use your annual leave to travel

Weekends are for lazing on the couch, doing housework and completing those home DIY hacks. Use your vacation days to explore, not paint the spare bedroom. Whether it’s a long weekend and you can only slip away for a moment, or you have two weeks and can go somewhere far flung like Europe, Asia or Africa (with us!), don’t let your holiday days go to waste. No matter how much you love your job, everyone needs a break and you definitely deserve to make time for adventure in 2021. 

And please, be sure to switch off. After the year 2020 we all need a break and detox from work so don’t you dare check those emails. Your vacation days are yours to unplug from work and recharge your batteries. You’ll hit that inbox with a refreshed mind when you return. 

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Watch one travel show per week 

When we can’t travel in real life, we love to travel from our sofa. Make one of your travel resolutions to tune into a travel show each week. Whether you dive into a documentary with David Attenborough or eat your way around the world with Anthony Bordain, get inspired to visit new far flung places and learn about new cultures and cuisines. 

While it’s not the same as the real thing, travel shows can be incredibly inspiring and light a fire within to go to exotic locations you might not have otherwise considered.

Eat a healthy diet of…. new cuisines

Eating healthy and getting fit are two tick-box cliches when it comes to New Year Resolutions. Life is all about balance and while we encourage you to keep in tip-top shape, we’re truly here to inspire you to try new things, whether that be experiences or food. 

Make your travel resolution to eat a new cuisine or new dish each month. Either find a restaurant in your city or town or cook something at home. Better yet, if you have a trip coming up or plan to visit a certain country in 2021, start to experiment with local recipes. 

Say you’re going to Thailand in 2021. Thai food is incredible but confusing at first – but if you start trying different dishes now you’ll know your pad se ew from you pad ki maow by the time those wheels leave the runway.

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Learn some basic phrases in a new language

Bonjour. Ohayo Gozaimasu. Come va? Ein bier bitte! There’s a pride-filled thrill that comes with ordering food in another language. While English is widely spoken across the world (and with us you’ll always have the help of your Travel Director to get around), the locals always appreciate a tourist who gives it a go. It’s an easy travel resolution to keep as apps like Duolingo can remind you to study for just five minutes every day. Simple!

If in 2021 you plan to go to France, why not brush up on your greetings, numbers and a few simple sentences? After all, no one wants to step into a boulangerie or fromagerie and walk out empty handed. No?

Money Can't Buy Experiences

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Start a travel fund

If you plan to travel in 2021 you’ll need some cash money for your grand plans. Make it official by creating a travel fund and set a New Year Resolution to save a certain amount per month or per paycheck and start working towards your dream trip (or trips, ideally!). Either work out where you want to go, how much it will cost for the timeframe you want to visit, account for flights and insurance and then break it down. Putting away $100 per week feels a lot less daunting than needing $4000 for your dream vacation, right!

Buy local souvenirs

One of the great joys of travel is the people you meet along the way. Almost every country and culture has artisans that – often against the odds – continue the beautiful traditions of their ancestors. Maybe it’s basket weaving, rug making, ceramics or painting. A one-of-a-kind souvenir made with so much heart comes with a story and will mean so much more than that funny fridge magnet. 

Travel more

Look, after the year that was 2020, this will be the biggest resolution for many. Whether you’re planning a trip to another state or part of your home country, or you’re keeping your fingers crossed for overseas travel, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how much we once took this freedom to move and explore for granted. We at Trafalgar are dreamers and big thinkers, and truly believe that 2021 is the year to kickstart travel, get back out there to support the communities who rely most on our incredible industry.

Will you make New Year Resolutions in 2021? Will travel resolutions will add to the list? Let us know in the comments…

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