Why wait for the new year? Here are 10 travel resolutions to start tomorrow

So 2024 is just around the corner, but why wait for the new year to embark on transformative travel resolutions? Tomorrow is the perfect starting point to find a renewed zest for life through self-discovery, adventure and travel.

To inspire your actions we’ve rounded up 10 travel resolutions that defy the conventional waiting game, encouraging you to dive into new experiences, forge connections, and squeeze the juice out of every moment today. From cultural immersion to sustainable exploration, these travel resolutions will lead you on a year-long journey of growth and joy.

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Make a friend in another country

When we meet people from other countries it expands our world. Embracing cultural diversity opens doors to unique connections and perspectives beyond our own. What’s it like to live in a tropical and humid climate with no winter, or a place where it snows for four months every year? 

But how do you make international friends? We’ve seen many global friendships formed on Trafalgar trips when fellow guests find kinship in one another. But if you want to forge international friendships tomorrow, you could immerse yourself in local activities, join community events, and explore shared hobbies.

Language exchange meetups, social media groups, and travel forums are excellent platforms to connect with like-minded individuals too. Be open-minded, approach conversations with curiosity, and show genuine interest in others’ cultures. 

Learn a new skill

Always wanted to try salsa dancing? Learning a new skill can also lead you to new friendships and destinations. Whether it’s picking up a foreign language, mastering a cultural art form, or delving into a hobby, the activities you do today could connect and inspire you to travel the world. 

If you engage in language exchange meetups, cultural events, dance classes or online communities you’ll forge meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds. This might inspire your next vacation, or give you the skills to go deeper when you do travel. Picture your feet tearing up the dance floor in Spain, no?

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Start looking at your budget and vacation days

While we’re advocating for starting your travel resolutions today, next year is truly *just* around the corner. Start looking at your budget and vacation days with a strategic eye now. First, assess your financial landscape so you can allocate resources and save wisely to make room for meaningful experiences.

If you’re also saving to invest in 2024, then you might need to pull the belt buckle tighter to afford a big trip too. Scrutinize expenses, identify areas for savings, and earmark funds for your travel adventures and Trafalgar tour! Worth it? Definitely.

At the same time, evaluate your accrued vacation days and upcoming public holidays so you can make the most of your leave. An alignment of budget and vacation days equates to stress-free vacations and a more balanced lifestyle. 

Write a 2024 travel bucket list

Get excited for the new year today by writing out a big 2024 travel bucket list. Dream big as you envision and list out destinations that stir your soul. You want to spark anticipation and wanderlust, but also be realistic – that’s where the red pen comes in to slash down your choices. 

If your budget says “yes!” then choose your top international destination, with a backup or two. Beyond a big 2024 trip (or two), you can also add closer-to-home adventures, like interstate weekend trips, or travel experiences for your personal growth like challenging hikes. 

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Stop stressing about the details

Travel is meant to be relaxing, fun, eye-opening, inspiring, and exciting. But if you’ve ever planned an independent trip, you’ll quickly discover that travel is about logistics, hotel rooms, trains, planes and automobiles. While planning a big trip you’ll quickly realise why being a travel planner is a full-time job! 

It’s hard to squeeze the time into your routine to plan that next big trip, which is one (of many) reasons why travelers choose Trafalgar. When planning your next big adventure, simply choose the destination, explore the trips on offer, pay your deposit, then get excited about the upcoming adventure.

There’s no need to figure out what time that train leaves and if the connection will work – you get to sit back and enjoy, which is what a holiday should be. Make one of your travel resolutions to simply relax!

Step outside of your comfort zone (comfortably)

You can do this today by doing something new. Through the exposure of new experiences you’ll grow and build confidence, pushing yourself to new heights and expanding your personal boundaries. It could be something as simple as trying Armenian cuisine for dinner, joining a new hobby group, or attending a networking event. 

Each step you take builds your resilience and adaptability – preparing you for greater things. When you do get the chance to travel, you’ll have the confidence to try new things and adapt to unfamiliar situations. You’ll learn more about yourself, and soon you’ll be traveling the world solo!

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Eat something new

How to travel without leaving your hometown? Through your stomach. If you always order butter chicken on a Friday night, try the daal or ask the owner for his favorite dish.  If you always go out for Italian food, mix it up and seek something different.

You could make a list of unusual restaurants in your area and turn date night into an adventure to try them all. You might find a new cuisine you love that will inspire your travels. Or next time you’re overseas you’ll experience the rich depths of food with some familiarity. 

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Talk to strangers

What’s one thing Australians do well? Talking to strangers. Channel your inner Crocodile Hunter and strike up a conversation with someone in a queue, your waiter, or someone with a cute dog. You never know who you’ll meet or the connections you could make by saying g’day. 

The bigger the city, the easier it is to go unnoticed, but if you master the art of striking up conversations with strangers you might a) make new friends, and b) find it easier to connect with locals when you travel. Now that’s a worthy addition to your travel resolutions!

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Plan to travel lightly

Traveling lightly is a liberating choice. While Trafalgar does collect and carry your bags across the trip, streamlining your packing will help you focus on the experiences rather than excess belongings. Pack versatile clothing and essentials, prioritizing comfort and practicality with a minimalist mindset. 

By lightening your load you’ll feel the mental weight drop off your shoulders too – and open yourself to savor the freedom of the road unencumbered (and give you plenty of space for souvenirs).

Consider how you can explore more sustainably

“How can we travel more sustainably?” is a question we’re constantly asking here at Trafalgar. We’re constantly making steps towards our sustainability strategy, which is underpinned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and solidifies our mission to make travel a force for good. 

But as an individual, how can you make a difference? Well, consider how you move around, the single-use plastics you consume, how you treat the people, planet and animals, and how your wallet votes. Choosing Trafalgar means choosing a brighter future, and opting for group travel is a more sustainable way to move.

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Ready to start planning for the next year? Tell us which travel resolutions you’ll start tomorrow in the comments….

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