Destination Guides

Our destination guides are here to inspire your travels. Whether you’re gasping in awe at the world’s most iconic spots or exploring off-the-beaten track, our guides will help you plan your next trip to the finest detail. Covering all your favourite destinations from Europe to the United States, the Middle East to Asia, our destination guides give you the confidence to explore the world differently.


Australia & New Zealand | Destination Guides

Trafalgar's authentic Australia and New Zealand experiences

Australia & New Zealand | Destination Guides

Everything you need to know about travel to Australia in 2022

USA & Canada | Destination Guides

We asked, you answered: these are the best National Parks in the USA

Destination Guides

10 hilarious Icelandic language phrases that make no sense

Africa & The Middle East | Destination Guides

How do I plan a trip to Israel?

Destination Guides

Your essential guide to Krakow, Poland

Destination Guides

The most vibrant experiences to enjoy in New Orleans

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