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UK residents can now travel to Italy, France, Spain and Greece

Recently updated on August 30th, 2022 at 05:35 pm

Pack your swimsuit and sunscreen because summer’s back on for us Brits! The UK government has given the green light for overseas holidays after announcing that they will be easing travel restrictions to certain ‘travel corridor’ European destinations.

Those from the UK will now be able to travel to an approved list of reduced risk countries in Europe, including Italy, France, Spain and Greece. And the best part? You won’t need to go into mandatory quarantine on either end of your trip, so you can get the most out of your summer holiday.

The new easing of restrictions is set to come into play from July 10th, and the best news is we’re already good to go with our ‘Best of Europe Summer 2020’ series featuring curated trips to your favourite European hot spots.

Just like you, we can’t wait to experience the joy of travel again, all while ensuring physical distancing and enhanced hygiene practices are adhered to at every stage of the journey. We have adapted to the new world of travel, and stand ready to connect our UK guests to the continent they love and have missed so much.

What is the UK’s new traffic light system?

Moorish architecture Grenada Spain

UK officials have introduced a new traffic light system, with countries placed into green, amber and red categories based on their coronavirus infection rates. If you’re travelling to a green or amber air-bridge destination, you won’t have any mandatory quarantines. 

The current Foreign Office travel warning against all non-essential international travel will also be lifted for all green-lit countries. Safety remains the top priority and this list of permitted countries will remain fluid. That means any sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in any country could require travellers to isolate for two weeks when they return to the UK.

Which European destinations now pose a ‘reduced risk’ for British holiday makers?

green and gold fields Tuscan Hills Italy

From July 10, Brits can now travel to a number of reduced risk destinations including amber-light countries like Italy, France, Spain and Greece. To help our British audience make the most of their summer, we’ve just released our new ‘Best of Europe 2020’ series. Our curated trips are departing across September and October to all your favourite European destinations.

Where can Brits travel to this summer with Trafalgar?

If you’ve been dreaming of soaking up the sunshine or feeling the sand under your feet abroad, our hassle-free summer getaways are the perfect way to do it.

Not only will you get all the iconic European summer experiences like sunning yourself on the Isle of Capri or spotting your favourite stars on the French Riviera, you’ll also see an unexpected side to your favourite European holiday destinations.

Enjoy unique experiences like dining with a local Greek family on their olive and wine farm, or enjoying a glass of Asturian cider with a local family at their cider mill in Spain. You could even learn how to bake traditional bread when you meet the most liberated women in Turkey

most liberated women in Turkey of Demircidere village

When you travel with Trafalgar, you’ll support local livelihoods and communities, help reboot the economy, and Make your Travel Matter. You’ll also have peace of mind that all your wellbeing needs are taken care of, with our stringent new hygiene and physical distancing protocols and up-to-the-minute information on all the latest travel alerts. 

FURTHER READING: Trafalgar’s wellbeing policy

We know all too well how quickly things can change in this new world. That’s why we also offer flexible booking terms, no risk deposit and a Holiday Reassurance promise, so you can book with confidence. Best of all, our VITs will get their 5% discount on their next Trafalgar trip, so now’s the time to treat yourself to one of our new ‘Best of Europe 2020’ trips.


Italian Holiday (7 days)

Departure dates: 18 September, 16th October

boats buildings Venice canals Italy UK air-bridge destinations

Italy is one of the most beloved summer hot spots. We’ll take you around the country’s highlights in one thrilling week, from Rome to Venice to Florence.

Dive into unique experiences like getting VIP access to the Vatican and the spectacular frescoed ceilings of the Sistine Chapel. Explore hidden canals and witness the exquisite traditional craft of glassblowing in Venice.

You’ll also get to visit the 12th-century Castle of Trebbio, where you’ll enjoy a traditional Tuscan Be My Guest. While you’re there, explore the cellars and indulge in an olive oil and wine tasting. This is the perfect summer break.

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Italy Bellissimo (11 days)

Departure dates: 26th September, 10th October

green hills blue ocean Amalfi Coast Italy

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Italy as we take you from the golden Tuscan Hills, to the sparkling Mediterranean on the Isle of Capri, to the ancient history of Pompeii. Enjoy a truly special holiday, with experiences like witnessing the Italian hand-weaving craft by the last weavers of Perguia. Your visit will help to preserve this incredible traditional art form.

You’ll also visit Siena, the most beautiful medieval town in Tuscany where you’ll discover the biannual ‘Palio delle Contrade’. Next up, indulge in a Be My Guest dinner featuring a delicious Italian meal with the Callistri family in the Hamlet of Limonaia. You’ll also experience an olive oil tasting and a stroll through the family’s olive groves and lemon orchards.

You’ll even get to stay in Hotel Cenacolo, a fully renovated old Franciscan convent near Santa Maria degli Angeli. It was originally built to welcome the pilgrims visiting Assisi, and now you’ll take your place in its rich history.

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Spanish Wonder (9 days)

Departure dates: 12th September, 10th October

The Alcazar Cordoba palace Spain

Dive into the summer haven of Spain with this incredible trip that takes you through iconic cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Córdoba, Seville, Granada and more.

You’ll go from marvelling at the beautiful Alhambra in Granada to exploring Gaudí’s fantasy Park Güell in Barcelona. You’ll even learn how local craftsmen forge the highest-quality steel in Toledo.

Next up, indulge in a traditional ‘Be My Guest’ Andalusian dinner with the Morillo family in their sun-dappled courtyard. Kick things off with a refreshing sangria, then taste the family’s prize-winning olive oil and stroll through their olive mill. This is how summer holidays were meant to be!

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Northern Spain (11 days)

Departure dates: 19th September, 3rd October

Baroque architecture Salamanca Spain UK air-bridge destinations

Get off the beaten path in Spain and discover some of its lesser-known gems in the north like the colourful Basque, Asturias and Galicia regions.

We’ll take you from the world-famous art collection of the Prado Museum in Madrid, to the pilgrim city of Santiago de Compostela. It’s renowned as the end of the ‘Camino’ pilgrimage route dating as far back as the 9th century. Learn the ‘Way of St James’ and marvel at the Spanish Baroque architecture of Salamanca.

Then say salud to summer getaways as you raise a glass of a traditional Asturian cider with the Castañón family at their cider mill near Oviedo. Summer holidays don’t get much better than this.

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Best of Greece (8 days)

Departure dates: 18th September, 2nd October

parthenon Athens Greece UK air-bridge destinations

Take an epic journey through thousands of years of classic history in the ‘Cradle of Western Civilisation’ – all in one well-paced 8-day trip. Kick things off with the treasures of Athens like the iconic Parthenon atop the Acropolis. Then marvel at the former kingdom of Mycenae and the stadium of the first Olympic Games in Olympia.

See the impressive monasteries clinging to the rock towers at Meteora, and walk the Sacred Way to the 4th-century Temple of Apollo. All that adventure is sure to work up an appetite, and you’ll also get to know the famous Greek hospitality.

Enjoy a Be My Guest dinner with the Karambellas family on their olive and wine farm. Say opa with some authentic ouzo, olive oil and traditional cuisine, all backed up with some fantastic traditional dancing. This is one summer holiday you won’t easily forget.

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French Riviera

Riviera Explorer (11 days)

Departure dates: 20th September

luxury yachts Monte Carlo Monaco

Nothing says summer like the Riviera and we’ll take you on a dreamy getaway to all the glamorous highlights from Nice to Monte Carlo. Get settled in with seven nights in the Beau Rivage resort, just seconds from the beach and Nice’s Place Massena. Then grab your camera for a week filled with adventure.

We’ll take you to an agriturismo in Italy where you’ll sample olive oil and traditional local dishes, all grown on the family’s farm in the beautiful Nervia Valley. Then breathe in the gorgeous scents at Fragonard, a famous French perfumery and visit the interior of the Prince’s Palace in Monaco, where Prince Rainier and Princess Grace once lived.

Take a scenic drive to Monte Carlo to see the Grand Casino and the Monaco Grand Prix race track. Then soak up the market and mega-yachts of Antibes, once the haunt of Pablo Picasso… the Riviera is always sure to inspire!

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Highlights of Turkey (10 days)

Departure dates: 25th September, 16th October

hot air balloons over Cappadocia Turkey UK air-bridge destinations

From gorgeous beaches to rich culture to ancient history, Turkey has it all. We’ll take you around all the best sights in ten unforgettable days. Kick things off with Istanbul’s icons including the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia. You also can’t miss the Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s largest covered markets where you’ll learn the art of haggling.

Next up, relax in the thermal pools at your hotel in Pamukkale. You’ll discover the magical ‘fairy chimneys of Göreme in Cappadocia, and learn the delicate art of pottery making in Avanos.

Then meet the ‘most liberated women in Turkey’ with our Be My Guest lunch. You’ll learn how to bake traditional bread and sample local wine as you get to know these incredible women in the village of Demircidere. Now that’s a summer well spent!

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How travel with Trafalgar has changed

Travel has changed – and we have too. We’re bringing travel back after adapting to a new world in the wake of COVID-19. From social distancing to extra cleaning procedures, we’ve enhanced our hygiene and distancing protocols to meet the World Travel and Tourism Council guidelines.

On your next Trafalgar trip, you can expect additional hygiene practices like sanitising our luxury coaches daily. We also provide extra hygiene equipment for guests like face masks and wipes.

Our physical distancing measures allow a maximum of 26 people on each trip. We’ve also carefully selected all our partner establishments like hotels and restaurants to ensure they follow all hygiene and physical distancing guidelines.

Trafalgar cooking class

Our Travel Directors, Driver Guides and staff behind-the-scenes have all been expertly trained in our hygiene and distancing procedures. We’re also always up to date with the latest government travel advisories every day. Finally, each Trafalgar group of 21 people or more will now also be accompanied by a dedicated Wellbeing Director, who will be on hand 24/7 to ensure that all hygiene and distancing measures are being adhered to, as well as offering guests advice and assurance.

We’ve adapted quickly and worked fast to introduce all the new regulations and take care of every detail – so you don’t have to. That means all the stress is taken out of your next trip, so you can enjoy travelling again with real ease, plenty of joy and memorable local connections.

All of this is reflective of our love and passion for travel. We can’t wait to get back out there and explore our beloved destinations with you again. 

If you’re ready for a summer holiday, check out our curated trips in our new ‘Best of Europe 2020’ series.

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