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5 ways we make travel special for returning guests

Once you travel once with Trafalgar you become part of our VIT club – that’s Very Important Travellers – and it comes with a few great perks and benefits. After we caught up with Carol, our VIT+ guest who has been on more than 40 tours, we were inundated with questions on Facebook asking how Trafalgar makes travel special for our returning guests.

“I thought my 10 tours with Trafalgar was a good number, but that’s amazing. Happy traveling.”

Trafalgar VIT+ guest, Solange, on fellow VIT+ guest, Carol

Plenty of comments were left by our lovely VITs who know some of the perks and ways we celebrate returning guests, so we thought we’d go into the details a little deeper. Here are five ways we make travel extra special for our Trafalgar VIT and VIT+ guests.

Special discounts for our VITs

Our Very Important Travellers, or VITs as we like to call them, are special guests who have travelled with Trafalgar one to three times. That’s right, after just one trip we’ll welcome you with open arms to our warm and cosy VIT club.

Being part of this club comes with great perks and special savings. Every return guest can enjoy a 5% discount for a limited time after each new trip is released. Returning travellers also receive a sweet 5% off during random sales throughout the year.  Nice!

Year-round discounts for our extra special VIT+ guests

Once you’ve taken four or more trips with Trafalgar you join the extra, extra special VIT+ club. As you’d expect, the perks increase when you enter this top tier. 

Our lucky and loyal VIT+ club members don’t have to wait for sales or jump on new trips to receive those special travel discounts and savings. Our VIT+ members always enjoy 5% off on all trips, all destinations, all year round. 

Carol with a list of all the trips she’s taken!

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Discounts with our sister brands

Trafalagar is part of The Travel Corporation, a family of 40 award-winning travel and hospitality brands that span across 70 countries. Our VIT and VIT+ clubs are all linked, so if you take a tour with any of our brands it counts towards your VIT tally. 

If you take a cruise with Uniworld or join a Costsaver tour you’ll be working your way towards VIT+ status in no time.

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VITs and VIT+ get priority access to new trips

Love to travel with Trafalgar? Then you’ll love to get priority access to new trips and itineraries before we release them to the general public. Our operations staff are constantly developing new itineraries and amazing travel experiences to create brilliant new Trafalgar trips we know our guests will love.

Our special VIT and VIT+ club members are the first to know about these new trips. We release seats and information to our returning guests first so they can grab a seat on an exciting new tour before anyone else.

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Get special recognition on Trafalgar trips

Returning guests can always expect a little extra magic on the road with us as part of the Trafalgar experience they know and love. When you board the coach your Travel Director will already know about any returning travellers. He or she will have a special little something waiting for you as a thank you. It’s something we know our past guests appreciate when they join us on the road.

“We have clocked up 7 [tours] so far and always get a gift for being a return traveler.”

Trafalgar VIT+ guest, Olive

“I was recently with Trafalgar on another tour and they do give a gift to returning guests.”

Trafalgar guest, Carol

And, if you manage to tick off 40 grand Trafalgar tours like our loyal friend Carol, you might just receive a special phone call. Carol was thrilled to receive a personal call from The Travel Corporation’s CEO, Gavin B. Tollman.

Are you a returning guest with Trafalgar? Tell us about your favourite memories and share where you’re going next in the comments below….

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