Where to Travel to in 2017

As you start planning for an exciting year of travel, the vast array of possibilities can make choosing where to go the greatest challenge. To make that decision easier, we’ve come up with this guide to where to travel in 2017, bringing together the destinations we’re most excited to see this coming year.


Where to Travel in 2017

Diverse landscapes, frenetic cities, and a cuisine that’s popular all over the globe, Vietnam definitely makes our list of great places to visit in 2017. But instead of simply passing through, gain a real understanding of this nation by experiencing local life, whether venturing to a rural fishing village or witnessing Vietnamese traditions such as a water puppet performance.

Experience the traditions and culture of this nation on the Highlights of Vietnam trip.


Where to Travel in 2017

There aren’t many destinations more culturally immersive than India, which makes the experience of travelling through this eclectic country one you’ll remember for years to come. A trip through Rajasthan enables travellers to see the contrasts of India’s rich history alongside the exciting contemporary culture of the modern day.

Travel through India on the Leisurely Rajasthan with Mumbai trip with Trafalgar.


Where to Travel in 2017

Year after year, Italy remains on our list of top destinations. Whether this is owing to the majesty of its ancient architecture and ruins, its undulating hills of lemon trees and vines, or the gastronomy and wine that’s so hard to leave behind, a trip here is never any less rewarding, with surprises brought about by each region’s unique traditions.

Set out on a family adventure by joining the Gladiators, Gondolas and Gold journey.


Where to Travel in 2017

Scotland is a land of lush rolling hills and magnificent mountains with tranquil lochs and dense woodland to explore between. A wild coastline exhibits abundant wildlife, and the cities each encompass the country’s famous charisma through its unique customs. Of these cities, Edinburgh shines brightly with a whole host of vibrant events throughout the year.

Travel to Edinburgh on the Castles and Kilts trip with Trafalgar.


Where to Travel in 2017

Often named the Emerald Isle, Ireland encompasses vast landscapes of lush greenery, along with atmospheric towns and villages and a remarkably wild coastline. But aside from the glorious landscape, it’s the unique traditions people come here to experience, with a distinct history that can be seen through its ancient castles.

Explore Ireland and stay in a castle on the Iconic Ireland and Ashford Castle trip.


Where to Travel in 2017

With its Mediterranean culture, medieval towns, vineyards and sublime coastline, not to forget the nation’s unique seafood-rich cuisine, it’s not surprising that Portugal has become increasingly popular among travellers. By beginning this exploration in Lisbon, visitors can gain insight into this nation’s history, culture and traditions.

Travel to Lisbon on the Spain, Morocco and Portugal trip with Trafalgar.


Where to Travel in 2017

Both Greece’s classical culture and continually evolving contemporary arts and lifestyle scene can be experienced while hopping between the country’s vibrant hubs and world famous ruins. While gazing up at the ruins of temples and monasteries, you can’t help but be swept away by the stories of Greek mythology and ancient times.

Set out on a journey through the country on the Best of Greece trip.


Where to Travel in 2017

From its northern border to its southern point, Chile’s long slender land encompasses a staggering diversity of environments and scenery, from its otherworldly desert and salt flats, to its vineyards and breath-taking Patagonian peaks. Santiago acts as a base for further exploration with historic architecture, a flourishing dining scene and exciting music and arts.

Travel to Chile, Argentina and Brazil on the Best of South America trip.

Cover photo of Amber Fort © iStock / guillermo1956. Hoi An © iStock / hadynyah. A street scene in India © iStock / ferrantraite. Rome © iStock / zodebala. Edinburgh © iStock / railelectropower. Cliffs of Moher © iStock / clu. Porto © iStock / Sean Pavone Photo. Athens © iStock / mfron. Santiago © iStock / progat.

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