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Where can I devour the world's best tacos?

Tacos, the quintessential street food of Mexico has arguably become as ubiquitous as pizza throughout the global culinary scene. From Korea to Los Angeles, via of course, Mexico, there are so many places around the world where the tortilla-obsessed can experience some of the world’s best tacos.

Here, we’ve listed nine cities where you can taste the best tacos.

Mexico City, Mexico

While Mexico City isn’t the original home of the humble taco – they’re believed to have come from the silver mines in the 1700’s – it is the best place to experience the vast array of delicious flavour possibilities.

However, choosing just one vendor may prove to be challenging! The streets are lined with carts, with men and women clad in aprons, briskly chopping meat and spooning it onto freshly pressed tortillas – there’s no denying that you’ll be spoilt for choice in Mexico City!

Los Angeles, USA

Home to one of the biggest Mexican communities outside of Mexico, it comes with little surprise that your quest on where to taste the best tacos includes a stop in Los Angeles. 

Combining traditional Mexican quality with that classic LA flair has resulted in a huge variety of taquerias that don’t disappoint! Whether you’re in search of tacos al pastor like those you believed you’d only ever find in Mexico, fancy tacos which include flavours like cauliflower with medjool dates, or North African tacos… you’ll find it in Los Angeles.

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Seoul, South Korea

Whether you’re on the hunt for a traditional Mexican taco, or a Korean-Mexican fusion, you’ll find it in Seoul.

Ten years ago, you may have struggled to find an authentic Mexican food option in Seoul. However, that isn’t the case today! Nowadays, visitors to Seoul with a tacos tasting craving are spoilt for choice, with both traditional and fusion options available at different joints throughout the city.

New York City, USA

While the offerings may not be as varied as the city’s Californian counterpart, New York City is home to the largest array of Mexican food on the East Coast.

However, don’t let the long-term NYC-LA rivalry fool you, New York City is filled with joints where you can try some of the worlds best tacos – even the most critical of taco connoisseurs will find themselves pleasantly surprised with the quality of fillings and freshly-pressed tortillas.

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Melbourne, Australia

Despite being on the other side of the world, the taco certainly doesn’t lose any of its magic in Melbourne. In fact, Melbourne is home to a huge variety of real Mexican-style food, with more accurate Mexican dishes in the city than you’ll find in many American restaurants. 

Some notable Melbourne taquerias for where to taste the best tacos include Mamasita where restaurateurs can enjoy beef tongue tacos accompanied by horchata or a chilled Negra Modelo Beer; and Fonda Mexican, where the freshly made tortillas are pressed in a traditional Mexican press.

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Guadalajara, Mexico


If Mexico City is included in any kind of list, it’s only natural that the city of Guadalajara is included as well. With a continuous rivalry, locals from both cities can be found boasting over who has the best football team, the most understandable Mexican-Spanish and, the best tacos.

While Mexico City arguably takes the crown for the best tacos al pastor (tacos with spit-grilled pork), Guadalajara definitely rules for barbacoa tacos (tacos with spiced, slow-cooked lamb or goat meat). Much like it’s rival city, choosing just one taco vendor to fulfill your tacos tasting is a difficult task, with every corner in the city being home to a taco stall!

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Berlin, Germany

While it may surprise you to see a European country on a list of ‘Where to Taste The Best Tacos In The World’, the capital of Germany offers visitors with a quench for Mexican food a diverse variety of tacos.

Proving that tacos have well and truly grabbed hearts the world over, those in search of where to eat the best tacos in Berlin will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the local tacos (some of them are even quite spicy too!). From carnitas to tacos dorados, there’s a taco joint in Berlin that will have you covered!

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Bali, Indonesia

From traditional to Tex-Mex and even specialty Balinese spiced tacos, Bali is officially an honourable inclusion on the world taco party!

Known for its fun, lively culture, visitors to Bali in search of tacos tastings can expect plenty of joints that cater to all taste buds.

Puebla, Mexico

Located just a 2.5 hour drive southeast from Mexico City is Mexico’s foodie mecca, Puebla. Many of the country’s traditional dishes such as mole and chiles en nogada have deep roots here.

However, when it comes to tacos, the most iconic Puebla taco would have to be the taco arabe –  spit-roasted pork served in a pita-style tortilla and smothered in lemon and a unique chipotle salsa. Buen provecho!

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Has this list inspired you to embark on a search of where to taste the best tacos in the world?! Let us know in the comments! Looking for inspiration on where to start your tacos tasting adventure? Head to our website and let your imagination run wild – it’s all possible when you choose to travel with Trafalgar.

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