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Why winter is the perfect time to set your travel goals

Recently updated on August 14th, 2023 at 04:54 pm

Winter urges us to snuggle under a blanket, sheltered from the dark world outside. Our hands cupped around a hot mug. Raindrops running down window panes. Ah… winter. Time to get cosy. But meanwhile, the fleeting sun can dent our motivation and blur the days. So instead of waiting for the storm to pass, why not use winter to set your travel goals?

Why set travel goals?

world map travel goals

Purposeful travel beats aimless travel. Whether you’re desperate to hike the Canadian Rockies, taste ‘spaghetti aglio e olio’ in an Italian trattoria or speak basic Japanese in Tokyo – travel goals inspire meaningful adventures.

They drive you to immerse yourself in your passions and new cultures. But they aren’t always easy to find. So if you’re struggling – start by asking yourself: ‘Why do I want to travel?’

Winter is a wonderful time to find, plan and achieve your travel goals

Here are four reasons why.

You have more time

man on balcony

As the dark winter evenings roll in, social energies soften and our time naturally frees up. As a result, home hibernation provides a calm setting to think and ask questions like ‘What more do I want from life?’, ‘Where would I like to be in a year’s time?’ and ‘What do I want to pursue or learn more about?’ So pick up a pen and set your imagination free.

A beautiful escape

travel goals escape

Planning adventures is exhilarating. The next time you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday, swap your film-viewing for web-surfing and take a ride around the world. Open Google and let your passions take you on a beautiful escape. And you’ll be amazed at the unique cultures and hidden corners of the world that greet you and send your wanderlust wild.

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find your travel goals

There’s a spring in our step when goals are set. This is especially important in winter, when the weather naturally pushes us indoors. So whether you’re doing more exercise to prepare for your National Park tour, memorising a few German phrases for your trip to Berlin, or sticking pictures of Greek dishes on your fridge – your days are filled with optimism for the months ahead.

Winter is a special time to travel

Cappadocia, Turkey

Winter isn’t just about looking forward; it spells a wonderful time to travel. From finding healthy doses of December sun on Australia’s sun-splashed shores to gazing up at the dazzling colours of Lapland’s northern lights – there’s incredible experiences at your fingertips this season. Plus more space to savour them – with the winter season’s lesser crowds cutting queues and paving the way to the authentic heart of a destination.

Need some inspiration? See these 5 winter travel bucket list experiences (voted by Trafalgar guests)

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