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Where was Yellowstone filmed? The real-life settings​ you can visit

Popular American TV series “Yellowstone” has captured a loyal audience with its intense drama, complex characters, and stunning cinematography. Now into its fifth season, the show is set in the state of Montana and follow the conflicts of the Dutton family, who run the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States.

Beyond the drama that unfolds on screen lie real-life Yellowstone filming locations and breathtaking scenery. We’re diving behind-the-curtain to find out where Yellowstone was actually filmed, and we’ll share the locations so you can visit stunning vistas, historic landmarks, and quaint towns featured on screen. 

From the vast expanses of Yellowstone National Park to the picturesque towns dotting the Montana countryside, here is where fans can live a real-life Yellowstone moment under brilliant blue skies where mountains loom above oat-colored fields. Here’s everything you need to know about the Yellowstone filming locations, from real-life ranches to the reservation.

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What is Yellowstone?

Created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, Yellowstone is a popular Paramount Network TV show that premiered in 2018. Since then the past five seasons has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its gripping storytelling and breathtaking scenery. 

This fanbase is hooked on the fictional lives on the Dutton family and their ranch. Filled with serious drama, complicated characters, and brilliant scenery, the beautifully shot show is loaded with conflict. We don’t want to give it all away, so you’ll have to watch the series to see how the family clashes with land developers, Native American tribes, and government officials.

This neo-Western drama has a brilliant cast with Kevin Costner as patriarch John Dutton, and actors Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly and Wes Bentley as part of the Dutton family. Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Gil Birmingham, and Mo Brings round out the cast.

Where was Yellowstone filmed?

The show is based around a ranch near Yellowstone National Park in Montana. In real life, the park is spread across three states with around 96 percent of the total land area located within Wyoming, three percent in Montana, and one percent in Idaho.

But Utah was chosen as the location for roughly 75 percent of filming for the first three cities. Just a couple of hours from the park, some places in Utah that featured in the series include Park City, Ogden, Spanish Fork, Heber City, Oakley, Kamas, Grantsville and Logan.

For season four and five, production moved to Montana, and outdoor shots continued at Chief Joseph Ranch, a 2,500-acre working ranch in southwestern Montana. The move was to take advantage of a state tax credit. 

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Where is the Dutton Ranch located?

The Dutton family ranch is located in Montana, but it has a different name. Called the Chief Joseph Ranch, a real family lives and works from this 5,000-square-foot log house each day. It’s located in the town of Darby in southwest Montana.

Apparently the ranch had never been used in a film or TV show before, and the production team cold-called the family to request to use their home as one of the Yellowstone filming locations. The massive house, built in 1914, is so unique that it became another character in the show!

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Can you stay at the Dutton Ranch in real life?

Yes! Fans of Yellowstone can sleep in a cabin on the property – so long as the show isn’t filming – for at least three nights. Chief Joseph Ranch is open to the public, and two cabins are available for rent that can sleep up from 4 to 8 people each. 

If you dream of staying within the beautiful home, you’re fresh out of luck. The owners have been living in the main residence since they bought the property in 2012. While you can’t stay inside, they will take you on a tour of the ranch and Yellowstone sets. 

When you’re not fantasizing about Kevin Costner knocking on the cabin door you can explore the property by horseback, go fishing, or hike the beautiful mountain trails.

Yellowstone fans that don’t want to stay can take a photo of the Dutton Ranch sign on the gate outside of production times.

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Is Broken Rock Indian Reservation a real place?

Like the Dutton family ranch, the Broken Rock Indian Reservation is a made-up place. However, filming for the reserve took place on the very real Crow Indian Reservation, which is located just outside of Billings, Montana. The film crew had to get special permission to film at this two million-acre reservation from the Crow Nation tribal chairman, Alvin “A.J.” Not Afraid Jr.

The chairman was skeptical at first as Native Americans are often portrayed in Western film as untrue stereotypes, such as cliché cowboys vs Indians scenes. The show made an effort to portray authentic life on a reservation for the series.

If you want to visit both the ranch and the reservation, there’s a seven-hour drive ahead!

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What are the other Yellowstone filming locations?

Yellowstone’s Utah filming locations

More than 20 locations in Utah were used in the first three seasons. The greatest was Ogden, a ski town in winter and haven for mountain biking and hiking in summer. If you wander down 25th Street you’ll find blocks of restaurants, cafés, galleries and shops that were used in the show. Finish out your Odgen experience with a drink at The Outlaw Saloon, and visit the Odgen Pioneer Stadium rodeo.

Venture an hour south of Odgen to Spanish Forks where rodeo scenes for Yellowstone were filmed at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds. Then visit Park City where Dan Jenkins’ deluxe lodge is found at the Nicklaus Clubhouse at Promontory Point.

Yellowstone’s Montana filming locations

MOntana State Capital in Helena, Montana

Beyond the reservation and ranch, plenty of other Montana locations have been used on the Yellowstone TV series. Let’s start with Missoula, where Ryman Street and Ruby’s Café were the setting for an intense shoot-out scene. Scenes were also shot at the The Missoula County Courthouse and nearby Garlington Building. Half an hour south of Missoula is Glen’s Café, where John Dutton ordered a Salisbury steak. And 19 miles north of Missoula, find Gray Wolf Peak Casino at the southern end of Flathead Indian Reservation.

An hour south of Missoula is Hamilton, where a deadly car chase scene was filmed on Meridian Road and Bear Creek Road. Nearby, the Daly Mansion, an 1800s Victorian home, was used at the governor’s house and is open to the public for tours and weddings.

The governor’s office is filmed at the real-life Montana State Capital in Helena. You can join guided tours in summer to see inside

Texas film locations

Texax entered the script in season four, when darling farm hand Jimmy was relocated to the 6666 Ranch (Four Sixes Ranch). It’s a real-life ranch of the same name, located near Guthrie and founded in 1870. 

And a small town café in Texas called Mary’s Brazos Cafe was also used in season four. You can visit it for a coffee and chat with Mary in Parker County, north Texas.

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How many states was Yellowstone filmed in?

Utah, Montana and Texas – the Yellowstone series was filmed three states.

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Is Yellowstone filmed in Canada?

While the state of Montana borders Canada in the north, the series was filmed entirely in the United States.

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That’s our complete list of Yellowstone filming locations. Would you visit these places after seeing the show? Let us know in the comments…

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