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"Created as a state for the Jewish people after the Second World War, Israel is a fascinating confluence of nationalities, cultures and religions"

Peter, Travel Director
Israel at a glance
Set in the cradle of civilisation, Israel is filled with hallowed sites, ancient relics, and a diversity of faith and ancestry. From the floating Dead Sea, to the cosmopolitan scene in Tel Aviv, your expert Trafalgar Travel Director will take you on a journey of remarkable depths.
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בוקר טוב (boker tov)
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ערב טוב (erev tov)

What to pack for Israel

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A light scarf or shawl

If you plan to visit a synagogue, church or mosque, it’s a good idea to pack a light scarf or shawl to wrap around your head and shoulders out of respect. Clothing for men and women at these sacred sites should be of the modest variety – longish, preferably over your knees and elbows.

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For those with tender feet, sandals may be a necessity for navigating the pebbles around the Dead Sea. Otherwise, go barefoot and enjoy the natural pressure-point massage they will give you before you float.

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Considerate clothing

T-shirts with political statements or bold humour are better left at home on most trips, but particularly to the spiritual lands of Israel. Avoid feeling out of place by wearing simple, humble clothing at all times.

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A market bag

Whether a humble backpack, a woven basket or your favourite shop’s tote, an easy to carry market bag is always an ethical and pragmatic way to haul around your market finds. In Israel, we guarantee there will be many.

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A reusable water bottle

For those travelling in the dryer months, a water bottle is a necessity, as you will traverse much of the Holy Land by foot under the dense sun. Even though tap water is generally considered safe to drink, a bottle with built in filtration will help avoid illness.

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