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"I like to take my guests behind the curtains of my country, sharing family stories from what my Grand Dad recalled of Dunkirk, my Parents of 1968 students uprising to what my children experience at school today. It's a bit like inviting my group to the sunday family lunch table, and of course, there will also be some food recipe talking, because it is in our blood!"

Chantal, Travel Director
France at a glance
With sweeping vineyards, ancient architecture, romantic cities and quaint coastal villages, there's no wonder France attracts more visitors than any other country on earth. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director to live out the fairytale of a French holiday.
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What to pack for France

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Comfortable shoes

While France is one of the fashion capitals of the world, style comes secondary to comfort when choosing shoes for your visit. With days of exploring paired with cobblestone streets, practical walking shoes will trump elegant high-heeled styles.

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French/English phrasebook

The French take great pride in their language. Pack a French phrasebook and you will find yourself connecting better with local culture, even if you start with a few broken words before swapping to English.

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Weather-appropriate clothing

Packing items like a waterproof jacket, umbrella and scarf will see you prepared for unexpected weather changes. With many micro-climates found across the country of France, geographic temperature changes are a certainty.

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Mini binoculars

Take your sightseeing to a microscopic level with a compact pair of binoculars or a magnifying glass. These will enhance views from tall buildings and mountainous settings, and allow you to enjoy finely detailed artworks.

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Security items

Though safety is high in most parts of France, it always pays to be protected from pickpockets with items like anti-theft bags. That way you can relax and feel assured during chance encounters with strangers.

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