Live The Good Life in North and Central America
Spectacularly diverse in its food, landscapes and people, America is a place where anything is possible. Explore with Trafalgar as we show you more than just the sights of North and Central America – we’ll introduce you to the inspirational people, too. Meet real-life ‘Mounties’ in Banff, chocolatiers in Costa Rica, political experts in Washington D.C. and wine growers in California, who will share their stories and give you an insight into the regions behind the glossy guide book photos.
See how only Trafalgar gets you to the heart of the places you go
North and Central America at a glance
There’s no surprise USA and Canada comprise nearly 80% of the continent, North America. These two hulking destinations boast a myriad of big ticket sites to explore. As for its southern region, countries like Costa Rica offer visitors a tropical climate, incredible wildlife (and plenty of hammock time!).
Largest country
Smallest country
Saint Kitts and Nevis
‘Every American needs to see the Grand Canyon to truly understand our home.’
Ryan, Travel Director
Hand-crafted North and Central America experiences that you won’t find anywhere else? That’s The Good Life.
From the icons to the unexpected, get those ‘pinch me’ moments through a series of Trafalgar highlights in North and Central America other travellers may never know about or have access to.

Discover The Good Life in North and Central America

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