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All great journeys begin with a single step, so lace up your shoes and get out there with our walking holidays. Whether you want to hit the pavement of famous cities like Paris and London with our walking tours, or get up close to nature with our guided hikes through the national parks of the USA and Canada, you won’t miss a thing when you take a walking holiday with Trafalgar.
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European Whirl End Paris

4.7 1682 reviews

Prices from US$2,950 pp


  1. Austria


  2. Belgium


  3. France


  4. Germany

    Boppard Karlsruhe

  5. Italy

    Florence Mestre Rome Venice

  6. Netherlands


  7. Switzerland


  8. United Kingdom


  9. Vatican City

    Vatican City

Imperial Europe

4.7 1260 reviews

Prices from US$2,225 pp


  1. Austria

    Salzburg Vienna

  2. Czech Republic


  3. Germany

    Munich Oberammergau

  4. Hungary


  5. Slovakia


Scenic Parks Explorer

4.8 1081 reviews

Prices from US$5,035 pp


  1. United States

    Billings Bryce Canyon Cody Crow Agency Denver Interior Jackson Keystone Las Vegas Moab Montpelier Moose Rapid City Salt Lake City West Yellowstone

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Bohemian Highlights

4.7 728 reviews

Prices from US$2,812 pp


  1. Austria


  2. Czech Republic


  3. Germany

    Berlin Frankfurt Offenbach

  4. Hungary


  5. Poland

    Krakow Warsaw

  6. Slovakia

    Banská Bystrica

Western Frontiers - end Denver

4.8 537 reviews

Prices from US$3,205 pp


  1. United States

    Billings Bryce Canyon Cody Crow Agency Denver Interior Jackson Keystone Las Vegas Montpelier Moose Rapid City Salt Lake City

Britain and Ireland Highlights

4.6 1471 reviews

Prices from US$1,995 pp


  1. Ireland

    Dublin Kildare Rosslare Waterford

  2. United Kingdom

    Bath Belfast Cairnryan Cardiff Edinburgh Glasgow Harrogate Larne Pembroke Salisbury Stratford Upon Avon

Iconic National Parks of the American and Canadian Rockies

4.5 55 reviews

Prices from US$4,023 pp


  1. Canada

    Banff Fort Macleod

  2. United States

    Columbia Falls Deer Lodge Glacier National Park East Jackson Missoula Moose West Yellowstone

London and Paris Explorer

4.5 583 reviews

Prices from US$2,550 pp


  1. France

    Calais Paris Versailles

  2. United Kingdom

    Bath Dover London Salisbury

All you need to know about Walking Holidays

What to pack for a hiking holiday?

The most important thing to pack for a hiking holiday is a comfortable backpack, breathable layered clothing, sturdy shoes and thick hiking socks. You'll also need a reusable water bottle, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and snacks. Don't forget to bring your camera and some extra SD cards to capture all that beauty you'll see on your hike.

Where is the best hiking in the world?

When you think of hiking, you can’t go past the iconic destinations like the national parks of the USA and Canada, the wild landscapes of Patagonia, the Scottish Highlands, and the stunning trails of New Zealand, Scandinavia and Nepal. We also love hiking around world wonders like Peru’s Machu Picchu and the Great Wall of China.

Where should you go on a walking holiday in Europe?

Europe’s gorgeous cities are perfect for a walking holiday and you can hit the streets from the Latin Quarter of Paris to the historic sights of Berlin. Wander across the famous bridges of Prague, ramble through the ancient squares of Rome, and marvel at the scenery as you stroll through Salzburg.

How do I plan a walking tour?

Start planning your walking tour by picking out your dream walking trails and destination. Check out our walking holidays for inspiration, then all you have to do is choose your favourite Trafalgar trip, book your flights, pack a comfortable pair of shoes, and you’re on your way!

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