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Travel policy and updates

Your wellbeing is our priority

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Our approach to travel wellbeing protocol, gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your trip, knowing you are in good hands.

Trafalgar collaborated with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) to align and create global protocols and procedures which have been awarded the WTTC Safe stamp. This coupled with existing national and regional government authority regulations and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, have produced our enhanced, on-trip standards to assure the health and happiness of our guests.

To learn more, you can see in depth answers to your COVID travel Questions here.

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Travel vaccination policy update

Effective immediately, all guest booked to travel with Trafalgar are required to be fully vaccinated to travel. 

The wellbeing of our guests is our top priority. As part of this commitment, all guests traveling with Trafalgar through at least December 31, 2022 are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, which may include a booster shot to keep the vaccination status current and valid, depending on the travel destination. Please check your destination’s entry requirements, as well as requirements for accessing restaurants and venues to ensure that you’re prepared for your journey. Children not eligible for vaccination and/or booster at the time of travel must provide a verifiable and negative Covid-19 test result, taken within 72 hours prior to the start of the tour (taking time zones into consideration) until further notice. 

Please note that guests will also need to comply with specific requirements imposed by airlines and/or authorities in the destination visited, which may be more restrictive than above.  

This policy is subject to change at any time, without notice.

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Always on support

Dedicated Wellbeing Director*

*NEW* An industry innovation for 2021 travel; a dedicated Wellbeing Director* will be added on our trips of 21 or more guests (excluding Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand trips). They will support the Travel Director and Driver Team by remaining up to date with the latest health authority and local government guidelines. They'll work to ensure adherence to the wellbeing protocols and always be available to support and guide our guests. Watch the video below to learn more.
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Expertly-trained Travel Director

Supported by the Wellbeing Director, your Travel Director, who has been trained in enhanced hygiene and distancing standards, will monitor compliance and guest wellbeing.

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Diligent driver

Your driver has been trained to ensure your transportation is hygienically taken care of – so you can travel hassle free. They’ll get you from one destination to the next with ease, and clean and disinfect all coach surfaces throughout your trip. ​
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Global around-the-clock support team

In addition to your dedicated on-the-road team, our operations and guest support teams remain behind the scenes, in contact and on-call 24/7.
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Distancing & hygiene protocols

Supplier quality assurance

Your Wellbeing Director will be responsible for the quality assurance of all hotels, venues and suppliers during each journey. Quality checks will ensure that all travel partners meet local regulations and the established TTC, WTTC and WHO wellbeing protocols.
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Hygiene equipment

Hand sanitizer is accessible and freely available. We ask that you bring your own medical face mask and gloves, but in the case of emergency, personal protective equipment will be distributed to you. Please note that airlines and other establishments may not accept washable cloth masks but only medical.
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Sanitized surfaces​

All frequently touched surfaces inside your coach, including handrails, doors, tables, overhead lockers, plus your luggage handles, will be disinfected multiple times each day.

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Air filters

Air within the coach is completely filtered and changed on average, every 2 to 3 minutes, faster than most hospital operating theatre, which is mandated at 3 to 4 minutes. Our air filtration system is designed to create an efficient vertical and safe airflow that helps ensure impurities, like CoVid aerosols, are not spread.
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On-coach distancing

Trips will operate with a number of empty seats to allow for extra physical distancing. Adapting to the right size groups, based on government distancing requirements, you can rest assured that you will travel with the comfort of your own personal space. Have peace of mind that all of the experiences, hotels, and restaurants you'll enjoy on your trip, have been vetted to ensure they adhere to social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

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24/7 incident report

Always up to date

Our team is always up to date, and continue to adjust to the changing regulations from health authorities and local governments. They make changes behind the scenes so you are able to enjoy your trip.
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Incident response protocol

Should an incident arise on trip, protocols are in place. We will assist and direct distancing, local medic support and testing. We will liaise with local authorities to follow directives, which will vary across countries, and support you every step of the way.
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Meet our wellbeing directors

*NEW* An industry innovation for 2021 travel; a dedicated Wellbeing Director will support your Travel Director and Driver Team and remain up to date with the latest health authority and local government guidelines. Watch to learn more here.

Your Responsibility

We have introduced these enhanced hygiene protocols – for you, our other guests, and our team members. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the World Health Organisation and government health bodies, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

We ask that you please take personal responsibility for your wellbeing. This begins with packing any personal protective equipment and sanitisers you require. Please adopt physical distancing and hygiene practises throughout your pre-trip travel arrangements and follow all health instruction whether physical signage, or requests from our professional staff once you are holidaying with us. In choosing to travel with Trafalgar, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Let’s help keep each other safe and healthy.

Travelling soon? See the latest travel regulations before you depart.

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Your trip is perfectly planned

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Your booking comes with free changes & cancellation*

Terms & Conditions

*Trafalgar will include a Wellbeing Director on trips with 21 or more travelling guests to all operating regions excluding Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. Custom groups will have the option to include a Wellbeing Director for a surcharge. In addition to the Travel Director and Driver Team, the Wellbeing Director will be responsible for keeping up to date on the latest health authority and local government guidelines. They will also ensure adherence to wellbeing protocols on trip and will be a dedicated support to help guide our guests.
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To learn more, you can see in depth answers to your COVID travel questions.
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