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Morocco Trips

Morocco’s alluring proposition includes cosmopolitan cities, centuries-old villages, Mediterranean coastline and vast tracts of shimmering desert.

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When you travel with us, you'll experience everything from the intoxicating bustle of a market in Marrakech, to the evocative colours of a traditional tannery and dye pit.

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Casablanca and Fez

No visit to Morocco would be complete without a visit to its largest city, Casablanca, a metropolis at one with its centuries-long heritage. The frenetic Mâarif district was once impoverished but is now a prestigious area filled with fashionable boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. And it all lies in the shadow of the ultra-modern Twin Centre towers. 

Journey east to Fez and you’ll see colourful palaces, bustling markets and narrow alleys, which make for a heady melange of sights, sounds and sensations. We'll give you a fascinating peek into the workings of a tannery and dye pit, where time-worn methods create hand-dyed products in vermillion hues. Later, in a traditional riad, the owner will join you for some delicious local cuisine and wine and tell you about the history of the building as you admire its opulent interior.

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Not far from the border of Algeria lies the desert town of Erfoud. Here you'll admire some of the country's most beautiful scenery, from dusty, scarlet-bricked buildings to epic dunes sweeping before you as far as the eye can see. 

At Tafilalt, visit one of the world's biggest oases, where luscious fruit grows on the great date-palm trees. And at the Kasbah Chergui, a splendid Moroccan hotel, dine on traditional food in a Bedouin tent and relax in a ḥammām‎, a steam room similar to a Turkish bath.

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Some 300 miles west of Erfoud is Marrakesh, formerly the most important of Morocco's imperial cities. This bustling metropolis abounds with vividity, particularly around the harlequin-hued souks. Take a walk around the old Medina, its stalls full of wares from fragrant spices to traditional Berber rugs. Admire the immaculate and ornate Bahia Palace, with its elegant and spacious courtyard and beautiful gardens. And the Old Quarter's Djemaa el Fna Square, with its lively street theatre of water-sellers, acrobats, henna tattoo artists, palm-readers and snake-charmers. 

We'll also take you to a Moroccan pharmacy where traditional methods are used to diagnose symptoms and administer remedies. Learn from an expert how local herbs and spices are blended to make potions.

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