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From the snowy Southern Alps to the glorious beaches of Hamilton Island, the 'land down under' has every angle covered. You’ll feel like you’re on another planet when you join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director to see the towering fjords, volcanic moonscapes, coral reefs and vast red deserts of Australia & New Zealand.
Australia and New Zealand at a glance

"Australia & New Zealand are two of the world's most beloved destinations. I love showing our guests all the iconic sights from the red desert to the dreamy beaches."

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New Zealand

What to pack for Australia & New Zealand

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All climate clothing

The climates in the region range from the sweltering desert to the snowy alps, so you’ll need to pack some versatile layers to be prepared for all seasons.

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You’ll see some of the world’s most extraordinary sites in Australia and New Zealand, and you’ll need a camera to capture all the action.

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Australia is the world’s largest island, while New Zealand is famed for its scenic roads. Bring some headphones to accompany your long journeys through the panoramic landscapes.

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Reef-safe sunscreen

Australia and New Zealand are known for their harsh sun, and you’ll need to bring a strong, reef-safe sunscreen to protect your skin on your Pacific Island holiday.

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Versatile shoes

You’ll need a range of shoes for your journey, from flip-flops for the beaches, to hiking boots for the mountains, and even a formal pair for a night at the Sydney Opera House.

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