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Nordic Adventure

Your very-own Arctic Scandinavian adventure, complete with tales of ancient Viking kings and Lapland stories of Sami culture.

4.2 144 reviews

All Dates Sold Out


  1. Denmark

    Copenhagen Frederikshavn Odense

  2. Finland

    Helsinki Kuopio Rovaniemi Saariselka

  3. Norway

    Alta Geiranger Honningsvag Lillehammer Lom Mo I Rana Oslo Slolvaer Tromso Trondheim

  4. Sweden


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Save up to R5,570
14 Day Trip

14 Cities in

3 Countries

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Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords

Discover the deep fjords, glaciers and islands that line the Scandinavian coastline on this fascinating journey.

4.6 1084 reviews

From R50,130 pp

Was  R55,700


  1. Denmark

    Copenhagen Hirtshals Randers

  2. Norway

    Bergen Flam Geiranger Kristiansand Leikanger Lillehammer Lom Oslo Stavanger Voss

  3. Sweden


Highlights of Turkey

Step back to a time when sultans ruled this land and were surrounded by all the world's treasures.

4.6 129 reviews

From R25,400 pp


  1. Turkey

    Aksaray Bergama Canakkale Cappadocia Demircidere Eceabat Ephesus Gallipoli Goreme Istanbul Izmir Konya Pamukkale Troy

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Save up to R2,820
9 Day Trip

7 Cities in

1 Country

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Spanish Wonder

This all-embracing exploration covers the principal Spanish cities: Madrid, Seville and Barcelona.

4.6 1275 reviews

From R25,380 pp

Was  R28,200


  1. Spain

    Barcelona Cordoba Granada Madrid Seville Toledo Valencia

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Save up to R1,265
11 Day Trip

12 Cities in

1 Country

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Best of Portugal

Experience the best of Portugal as you discover Lisbon, the Algarve, Porto, Fatima and more.

4.6 1049 reviews

From R24,035 pp

Was  R25,300


  1. Portugal

    Batalha Coimbra Evora Fatima Lisbon Mateus PanoiasOurique Portimao Porto Tomar Vila Nova de Gaia Viseu

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Save up to R5,210
15 Day Trip

8 Cities in

6 Countries

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Best of Finland Russia and The Baltic States

Take in Russia's must-see cities, plus Eastern Europe's hidden gems on this trip.

4.5 381 reviews

From R46,890 pp

Was  R52,100


  1. Belarus


  2. Estonia

    Tallinn Estonia

  3. Finland


  4. Latvia


  5. Lithuania


  6. Russia

    Moscow Smolensk St Petersburg

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Save up to R4,200
14 Day Trip

14 Cities in

7 Countries

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Balkan Adventure

New for 2021

From R37,800 pp

Was  R42,000


  1. Albania


  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Mostar Sarajevo

  3. Bulgaria

    Arbanassi Sofia Veliko Tarnovo

  4. Macedonia


  5. Montenegro

    Budva Kotor

  6. Romania

    Bran Brasov Bucharest Poiana Brasov

  7. Serbia


All you need to know about Solo Travel

Where can I go on holiday alone?

You can travel solo all over the world. Each year, millions of people travel alone, enjoying the independence of forging their own travel path or using it as an opportunity to connect with other travellers. If you want to travel solo, we recommend our specially-crafted tours, so you can meet like-minded solo travellers from all over the world.

Where can I travel in Europe solo?

You can travel solo all over Europe. From the vineyards of Italy and the beaches of Spain, to the streets of Russia and the fjords of Norway, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing to travel alone on your next holiday.

Where is the best place to travel alone?

We love travelling solo in places like Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Japan, but there are dozens of great places to travel solo around the world. If you want to make new friends and experience new things, you'll love our handcrafted group tours, where you’ll see and experience the best of each destination, while learning new skills like cooking with local chefs and enjoying dinner and storytelling with local families.

Why is solo travel important?

Travelling alone is one of the most enriching experiences you can have. It’s empowering and liberating and will challenge your limits. It helps you get out of your comfort zone, gain confidence, and see the world in a unique way. Solo travel also gives you the opportunity to learn about new cultures, gain new skills, and meet like-minded people who might just become lifelong friends.

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