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Whether you go near or far, why 2021 should be the year you reconnect with travel

We can feel it deep in our bones that at some point in 2021, we’ll be reconnecting to the joy of travel. As weeks turned to months of sitting still in 2020, it became clear that when we do take to the skies again things will be different. When we travel in 2021 it will be with a fresh perspective, renewed gratitude and increased value of time spent together.

Here is what we are looking forward to about travel in 2021 and why it should be the year you reconnect with the world.

Spend quality time with your family

Whether you go near or far, taking a trip with your family in 2021 is almost an essential. Most likely you fall into one of two categories: you haven’t seen your family properly for months due to Covid-19, or you’ve seen too much of your family because you were locked down in the same four walls. Either situation isn’t ideal for making happy memories together! 

The antidote to spending too much time or too little time with your loved ones is to change the scenery. Booking a holiday or tour as a family creates a positive shared experience and something to look forward to together. And for the record, quality time together is different to that time you asked whether the washing was dry and complained that dinner was late.

Family and friends celebrating. Reconnect with travel

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A fresh start, fresh mind

Some people travel to find themselves, some travel to forget, some travel to try something new or push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Whatever your reason for hitting the road, every person who plans to travel in 2021 has the same starting block. And we will all be able to connect over the shared experience of a 2020 in chaos. Move over weather, there is a new topic for small talk! 

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Travel Solo

Flights may be cheaper

As the airlines resettle and try to claim market share, it looks like there may be cheap flights still on the cards. For the domestic market, it’s almost guaranteed that cheap flights will pop up taking you between cities or regions. In Australia they are seeing this already with plenty of cheap fares as the airlines try to reclaim loyalty in the local market. At the moment it is unclear if internationally the prices will be higher or lower than 2019 flights between continents.

How to Find Cheap Flights

Travel will be flexible

Say goodbye to tough terms and conditions that require you to sign over your first born in order to cancel a hotel, flight or tour. The new age of travel is here and the customer demands flexibility. When we reconnect with travel in 2021, companies will be offering flexibility to regain trust. Rebooking or changing the dates of flights, moving hotel rooms or changing tour dates will have less friction than in the past. All the more reason to get out there.

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More opportunity for small groups and private tours

In 2020 we’ve spent so much time in solace, that perhaps you’re not quite ready to tour with strangers in 2021, despite new hygiene and safety measures in place. You probably want to reconnect with family after missing birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other celebrations. The good news for keen travellers is that travel in 2021 will offer more opportunity for family and friends to travel together privately. 

We’re seeing a rise in popularity of private tours. And if you love the style of Trafalgar tours, now is the time to lock in an adventure with your own private Travel Director and Driver on a private group tour. Since it will be just you and your bubble you also have the freedom to pick and choose your activities and we can tailor trips to suit any age range.

Travel is easier to access

To travel you need money. Flights, tours, souvenirs and food all come with a price tag, so there’s simply no way around that. The good news for those wanting to reconnect with travel in 2021 is that the barrier to entry is now lower. Rather than needing to save and pay everything upfront months in advance, you can now lock in dates and put down a deposit of a few hundred dollars. This should give you plenty of time to work hard and save harder ahead of your trip. Plus, there’s nothing like a deadline to incentivise you to save more. 

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group of friends sitting together

Are you planning to reconnect with travel in 2021? Let us know how in the comments…

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