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This is the best month to visit Egypt, according to experts

The best months to visit Egypt are from October to April, during the autumn, spring, and winter seasons. The weather is at its best during these months, with warm daytime temperatures ranging from 20-30°C, lots of sunshine, and cooler evenings. It’s far more pleasant than the sweltering summer months of May to August which can exceed 40°C, plus October to April is the best time for quintessential activities like cruising the Nile and exploring ancient pyramids and temples.

But what is the very best month to visit Egypt? That all depends on the type of holiday you’re going for. Whether you want to beat the heat or the crowds, we dive into the weather and activities each month from October to April to find out when you should travel to Egypt.

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October is the best month to visit Egypt, striking a happy medium with pleasant weather, fewer tourists, and incredible things to do. The weather starts to cool down in October, making it ideal to visit the ancient tombs, temples, and other cultural sites. It’s also a great time to cruise the Nile, with warm weather reaching average highs of 30°C and cooler evenings. You’ll also get a soft light along the Nile that’s perfect for photography. 

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Some of the best events to experience in Eygpt in October are the Cairo Jazz Festival and the El Gouna Film Festival. There’s also the remarkable Sun Festival at Abu Simbel. The great pharaoh, King Ramses II, built his Abu Simbel temple so that the internal sanctuary would light up two times a year. As the light streams in, it illuminates the three statues and leaves Ptah, the god of the underworld, in darkness. The design of the temple is so precise, that this event happens on the same two days each year. The first is on his birthday, around 22 October, and the second is on the anniversary of his ascension to the throne, around 22 February. It’s an amazing event to witness.

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The weather starts to get cooler in November, ranging from highs of 28°C to 15°C at night. Tourism also starts to pick up in November, as it’s an ideal time for exploring ancient ruins and seaside cities without breaking a sweat. If you want to bask in the winter sun, head to South Sinai along the Red Sea Coast where you can go snorkelling, diving, or simply soak up some vitamin D. You could also head to the desert for hiking and camel treks. 

If you’re into music and movies, November is the best month to visit Egypt as you can head to the Cairo International Film Festival and the Arab Music Festival.

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As the temperatures cool right down in December, the crowds pick up. This is the peak tourist season, with hotels and cruises booking out far in advance. It gets even busier around Christmas and New Year, so it’s advisable to plan your trip early if you’re visiting in December. While you’re there, you’ll get to explore the icons of Egypt in comfort as the daytime temperatures hover around 20°C. At night, it can drop down to a brisk 6°C, so be sure to bring some warm layers for the evenings. 

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January is another busy month in Egypt, but that’s because it serves up beautiful winter sun weather with mild temperatures. While you should prepare for some rain in Cairo and Alexandra, it’s usually sunny and warm most days across the country. If you can’t get enough of the Christmas festivities, you’ll love visiting Egypt in January, as the Coptics of Egypt celebrate Coptic Christmas on 7 January. From candlelit midnight masses to traditional feasts, there is plenty of festive magic to experience in Egypt in January. 

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February is the best month to visit Egypt if you want to take advantage of the sunny weather and fewer crowds. Temperatures hover around 22°C during the day and 9°C at night and it’s prime hiking season in the Sinai High Mountains and the Western Desert oases. You can also experience the incredible Sun Festival at Abu Simbel around 22 February, to mark Ramses II’s ascension to the throne. 

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March is a stunning spring month, with temperatures heating up slightly to around a perfect 25°C during the day. It’s a great time to head to the beach and you can spot dolphins off the Dahab coral reef from March until November. Towards the end of March and throughout April and May, the Khamsin Wind begins blowing. This can bring hot air, thick dust, and sandstorms across the country for a few days during these months. While it can occasionally ground flights, it usually doesn’t cause any major disruption. 

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Things start heating up in April, with temperatures hitting a balmy 27-30°C during the day. April is also one of the busiest months to visit Egypt as travellers flock to warmer shores for Easter. The Khamsin wind may be blowing, but the weather is otherwise perfect, with warmer evenings making it a great time for Egypt travel tours and overnight felucca trips on the Nile. 

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Ramadan also often falls in March or April every year. It’s a 30-day sacred religious period in which Muslims fast during daylight hours. The start date varies each year based on the Islamic calendar and many sites and shops close early during this month. However, cafes and restaurants often open when the fast breaks after sunset each day and it’s often a festive atmosphere. In Egypt, non-Muslims are not expected to observe the fast during Ramadan, but visitors should show respect by being discreet about eating and drinking during the day. If you’re visiting Egypt towards the end of Ramadan, you’ll also experience several fun festivities and traditional celebrations. 

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Another great event in April is Sham el-Nessim, a Coptic festival that celebrates the arrival of spring. It’s held on Easter Monday on the Coptic calendar and is marked with merry picnics in the parks and on riverbanks across the country. 

What is your best time to visit Egypt? Let us know in the comments below!

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