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Fantastic places for a February vacation

February is one of the most exciting months to travel. Whether you want to celebrate at the world-famous festivals like Carnival, Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day, escape the cold for sunnier shores and tropical islands, or embrace the snowy winter wonderlands, anything is possible when you take your holidays in February. To inspire your trip, we’ve rounded up 14 of the best destinations around the world to help you enjoy your holidays in February. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If there’s any month when Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro really lives up to its nickname ‘The Marvellous City’ – it’s February. This sizzling summer month is when the world-famous Carnival kicks off. This five-day celebration leading up to Lent is one of the biggest festivals on earth. It’s non-stop colour and chaos with parades pulsing with samba music, dancers and dazzling costumes. You can also make the most of Rio’s stunning white sandy shores, ocean waves, and beachside bars in February.

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Paris, France

If you’re looking for snowy romance in February, you’ve got to head to Paris, the famous City of Love. It’s the perfect place in France to celebrate Valentine’s Day, with lots of romantic events held around the city. The icy scenery is gorgeous and you can warm up anywhere from the sultry Moulin Rouge to the candle-lit restaurants and wine bars, or the beautiful art museums.

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New Orleans, USA

February holidays in New Orleans are all about the iconic Mardis Gras celebrations. The two-week carnival serves up daily dazzling parades, masquerade balls, concerts and more. Get your beads and your mask and dive into the festivities, then be sure to fuel on some classic New Orleans soul food. While February is a busy time for New Orleans, it’s worth it to see this one-of-a-kind event in the USA.

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If you’re looking for somewhere a little quiet for your February holidays, why not head to Hawaii. You’ll arrive in a sweet spot – after the Christmas vacationers have gone home but before the spring breakers and summer holidayers. You can expect bursts of sunshine and short showers and it’s also the perfect time for surfing as the big swells roll in. It’s also a great time to spot humpback whales around the islands as they give birth to their calves in late February and early March. If you love whales, don’t miss the Maui Whale Festival which celebrates these beautiful giants in February.

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Banff, Canada

Love the snow? You’ve got to put Banff on your list! This winter wonderland in Canada’s Rockies lights up in February, with icy blue lakes, snow-capped mountains, and an incredible ski season. You’ll also have plenty of chances to spot wildlife in the national parks from moose to bighorn sheep and even bears! After you’ve hit the slopes at the ski resorts, don’t forget to warm down in the soothing Banff Upper Hot Springs. 

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If you love celebrating the New Year, head to Vietnam in February. You’ll get to celebrate the incredible five-day Lunar New Year, known as the Tet New Year in Vietnam. Local Chinese communities also celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year around the same time. The cities and countryside are full of festivities, with colourful parades, bustling markets, and special rituals. You’ll also get the best weather in February, as it falls in Vietnam’s cooler dry and sunny season. 

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If you’re visiting the Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway for your February half term holidays, you’re probably hoping to see the Northern Lights. It’s one of the best months to spot this spectacular phenomenon. You can also spend your February holiday in Scandinavia enjoying snow sports, hot saunas, cosy restaurants, and the stunning winter scenery. 

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February is one of the warmest and sunniest months of the year in Australia, perfect for exploring the beautiful beaches, coral reefs, rainforests, and vibrant cities. It’s also the quietest summer month for your half term holidays, as most kids in Australia have usually gone back to school by early February. So you’ll get to enjoy all the treasures of this extraordinary country with far fewer people!

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When you think of a trip to Italy, you probably imagine going in summer or even spring or autumn to get the best weather and soak up the gorgeous beach destinations. But did you know February is actually one of the best times to travel to Italy? It’s the low season which means hotels, flights and tours are all at their lowest prices. You’ll also get to explore the cities and sights with hardly any crowds of tourists.

The only exception to this is Venice, where the famous Carnival is held in February. The celebrations last for three weeks ending the day before Lent – and it’s three weeks of gilded balls, plumed gondolas, dazzling parades, ornate costumes, and masked debauchery. You can even attend regal masked parties, 18th-century style, in the ancient Venetian buildings.

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Zanzibar, Tanzania

February is a fantastic time to visit the tropical islands of Zanzibar off Tanzania, as it’s one of the driest and warmest months of the year. The days are hot and sunny, reaching temperatures of around 30-34°C. The ocean is also at its clearest, making it the perfect time for anyone keen to do some diving or snorkelling in this stunning archipelago. The clear visibility means you’ll get to see the colourful corals, dolphins, turtles and vibrant fish in all their glory.

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As the last month of the summer season in Patagonia, February is one of the very best times to go. You’ll get to take full advantage of the warm and dry weather, plus it’s a quieter month than January. Whether you want to hit the iconic hiking trails, take a cruise around the icebergs, or go wildlife watching, a Patagonia trip across Argentina and Chile has got to be on the cards for February. 

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February marks the start of spring in Egypt and it’s one of the best times to visit the country. While you’ll avoid the sweltering heat of summer that soars higher than 40°C from May to September, you’ll also miss the rainy winter season in December and January. February is just right with daytime temperatures reaching 25-30°C, occasional rain, and chilly nights offering relief from the heat. It’s the perfect weather to explore the ancient ruins and temples of Luxor, cruise the mighty Nile, or explore the iconic cities like Cairo and Alexandria. 

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While Singapore is famed as a year-round destination, February is a particularly good time to visit. That’s because it falls in Singapore’s dry season, so you’ll get the most sunshine and the least amount of rain and humidity. So whether you want to see the incredible Gardens by the Bay, explore the Botanic Gardens, or hit the beaches on Sentosa Island, you’ll have an amazing holiday. The Chinese New Year also falls in February, so you’ll be treated to some amazing celebrations and parades throughout the city. 

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famed for its diverse and unpredictable weather, but you can be sure you’ll score some of the driest weather in February. While occasional tropical showers should always be expected in Costa Rica, February falls smack bang in the middle of Costa Rica’s dry season, which runs from mid-December to April. It’s the perfect time to cruise through the rainforests, relax on the beaches, go wildlife-spotting, or hike around volcanoes.

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Where are you dreaming of taking your holidays in February? Let us know in the comments below!

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