"Canada is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it's always a pleasure to watch our guests light up when they see our stunning lakes and mountains, and meet our friendly people"

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Canada at a glance
From the Niagara Falls to The Rockies, and more lakes than the rest of the world combined, Canada is home to an abundance of wonders. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and discover the country's culture, from the ancestral grounds of the First Nations people, to a family-run vineyard in Vancouver.
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What to pack for Canada

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Hiking shoes

Canada is filled with majestic mountains and hiking trails. Pack a sturdy pair of walking shoes to see all the incredible sights from Moraine Lake to Spirit Island.

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With temperatures ranging from -15°C in winter to 30°C or more in summer, and a range of climates across the country, it’s best to pack versatile clothing for your Canada trip.

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Canadian dollars

Canada uses Canadian dollars, so be sure to stock up on some cash and switch to the Canadian currency after crossing the border with the United States.

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Adaptor plug

In Canada, the standard voltage is 120 V and the power plugs and sockets are of type A and B. The standard frequency is 60 Hz.

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With some of the most phenomenal landscapes and natural wonders in the world, be sure to bring a camera to capture the country’s beauty.