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7 reasons you should book your 2024 travel in January

Recently updated on January 10th, 2024 at 03:58 pm

The start of the year is a time for planning and goal-setting – including your travel goals. If you’re planning on having some big adventures in 2024, January is the perfect time to start booking. Not only can you score 15-20% off tours in Trafalgar’s Big Tour Sale right now, but you can also get in early and secure your ideal dates, flights and accommodations before it all sells out. Plus, who doesn’t love having a trip to look forward to? From lower prices to flexibility and better money management, here’s 7 reasons why you should book your 2024 travel in January. 

1. Lower prices and big discounts

Many travel operators offer early bird discounts to travelers who book their trips well in advance, and January is a great time to score some deals in the sales like Trafalgar’s Big Tour Sale. With 15-20% off select worldwide tours, it’s our biggest and most iconic sale of the year. If you know you want to travel this year, it’s the perfect time to book and snag your dream 2024 trip on sale. All those savings mean you’ve got more spending money to  travel longer, do more special experiences, or even upgrade your flights… It’s up to you!  

Something else to consider is that 2024 travel prices are generally at their lowest now. As people start to fill spots and availability drops, prices tend to go up. Unpredictable events like sudden surges in travel demand and economic changes can also drive up prices. By booking your travel plans early, you lock in the best rates and shield yourself from potential price hikes down the road.

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woman standing at the Grand Canyon

2. Availability and choice

It really is a first come first served policy in the travel world and booking your 2024 travel in January means you get first pick of the bunch. You’ll get a wider choice of tours, dates, flights, accommodations and activities, and this is particularly crucial if you’re planning on traveling to popular destinations or during peak seasons. It’s also ideal to book now if you’re traveling with a group, as we all know how challenging it can be to align everyone’s dates, preferences, and travel plans. If you don’t want to scramble for the leftovers, book your 2024 travel in January.

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3. Flexible planning

Planning a trip takes time, especially if you’re considering multiple destinations or a complex itinerary. By booking your 2024 travel in January, you give yourself plenty of time to research and create your perfect travel itinerary. It’s not just about having a wider choice, but also taking advantage of the flexibility that comes with booking early, as you’ll be able to make changes to your plans without the stress of last-minute arrangements.

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4. Money management

When you book your travel early, you can start the essential budgeting and financial prep with a clear goal in mind. With Trafalgar, you’ll know exactly how much your tour costs and what’s included, so you can avoid any unexpected financial surprises. You can make payments on a manageable schedule and start setting aside any extra spending money you’ll need. 

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5. Something to look forward to

As the excitement of the holiday season ebbs away and everyone returns to work, January can feel a bit blue. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, book your 2024 travel in January. It’s so inspiring to choose your destination and plan your trip, and the anticipation of the upcoming trip is a real mood-booster. In fact, studies show that the anticipation can be almost as good as experiencing it! It’s always great to have something to look forward to and knowing you’ve got an upcoming trip can be a powerful source of motivation in your life. Book your travel now and start that exciting countdown until the adventure begins!

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6. Start your year off right 

If you like spontaneity and you just can’t wait, you could also book a last minute getaway for January. Whether you’re in a post-holiday slump or didn’t have a proper break over the new year, you can escape the winter blues and get a change of scenery. A quick trip in January or February will set a positive tone for the rest of the year and have you embracing the joy of travel from the very beginning. Check out the Big Tour Sale and you might even find some discounted tours for the start of 2024.

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7. Peace of mind

One of our favorite things about booking our travel in January is the peace of mind it brings. It’s a great feeling knowing your travel plans are in place and you’ve secured the best deals and options available. All the stress of travel planning disappears and you can look forward to your upcoming trip knowing everything is organized and ready. Here’s to an extraordinary year of adventure in 2024!

Head to the Big Tour Sale and secure your dream trip for only $200 and at a whopping 15-20% off.

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