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Stepping into Castello Di Trebbio means walking into hundreds of years of history and a bona fide wine paradise. The rolling vineyards around this spectacular property provide the grapes for the Castle’s impressive variety of wines. From classically rich chianti to refreshing whites and bubbling prosecco, there is something for everyone’s tastes at our exclusive Be My Guest experience in one of the most intriguing castles in Tuscany. 

“Trafalgar brings us unbelievably nice people, and we let them drink our wines – our best wines. They drink wines that are expressions of the area: the Chianti Rufina, our best Reserva,” explains Anna Baj-Macarios. She and her brother Alberto are the hosts of this exclusive experience. The castle has been in their family for more than 50 years – refining and perfecting the flavours in their classic wines and keeping to the traditional production techniques used in Tuscany for generations. 

Castello di Trebbio, one of the most intriguing castles in Tuscany

When nature, tradition and innovation combine in castles in Tuscany, the result is a fantastic bottle of wine

Castello di Trebbio’s philosophy is to preserve the beauty of Tuscany and the natural biodiversity of the landscape. They respect nature – they don’t abuse it. Their vineyards don’t use fertiliser or medicines; the natural system they employ helps the vines protect themselves.  “Ten or twelve years ago, we started to think a bit more. It’s a work in progress. But we started to be organic, more biodiverse, not only growing organic grapes but living in the concept that everything you do should be towards a better life for the future,” Anna shares.

Vineyard at Castello di Trebbio, Tuscany, Italy

However, despite their commitment to preserving the region’s rich winemaking traditions, Castello di Trebbio doesn’t shy away from innovation. In addition to their classic chiantis, they also produce a white wine – a pinot grigio is far from typical in the Tuscan region. Advancements in science have allowed them to study the soil, the structure and the sun and plant varietals not historically found in the area. With rolling hills and quick weather changes, Tuscany’s unique topography means that no two spots are alike. Each hill position is unique and Castello di Trebbio’s less-conventional varietals produce between 3,000 and 10,000 bottles depending on the size of the vineyard. 

Romantic Tuscany, with a touch of drama

There’s a beautiful romance behind how the property came into the family. Anna and Alberto’s parents met on a train, and it was love at first sight. The couple got married and were raising their young family in Switzerland when Anna’s father first visited the castle. Left in a state of disrepair, he was unsure whether the family could take on the burden of restoring the property. When he brought Anna’s mother there, she instantly fell in love with it. “It was romantic. She really fell in love with the place, and he was so in love with my mum that he bought it for her. And this was 1968.” In 1971, the family permanently relocated to the 44-room castle, and Anna, her parents and her four siblings spent 24 years restoring the property to its former glory. 

unlike many castles in Tuscany, Castello di Trebbio has its own restaurant

But every good story needs a hint of drama, and the tale of this castle is no exception. Of all the castles in Tuscany, none have a history as dramatic as this one. The castle has stood since the 1100s, built for the infamous Pazzi family, and was the site where the Pazzi conspiracy – to assassinate Giuliano de Medici – was planned. 

A Tuscan Wine Experience You’ll Never Forget

Trafalgar guests have been visiting the Baj-Macarios family for almost a decade. As Anna puts it, “This is a great opportunity to share the big job we have done in our lives with other people.” Unlike most castles in Tuscany, this a family home. Anna’s children live at home with her in the Castello di Trebbio and often get to meet Trafalgar guests. Once, her daughter Laura bumped into some guests in a Florentine restaurant. “They told her they were in our place, and they said such beautiful things that all the people from the bar stopped to talk and listen to these two people that were so emotional about the time they spent here.” 

As part of this exclusive Be My Guest experience, guests explore the impressive castle, walking in the halls where one of history’s greatest scandals was plotted, visiting the expansive wine cellar that once functioned as the castle’s dungeon. And after the guided tour by Anna or Alberto, they dine in the great hall on a meal made of organic ingredients all sourced from within one kilometre of the property. Guests round off their visit with a tasting of some of the winery’s finest wines, having learned about centuries of Castello di Trebbio’s fascinating history and making new friends in the process.  

Experience one of the most extraordinary castles in Tuscany with Trafalgar for an exclusive glimpse at the colourful history of this exquisite vineyard and family home. Meet Anna and Alberto for this Be My Guest experience on our Italian Concerto, Italian Glory, European Dream, European Wonderland.

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