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The insider's guide to why you need to book 2020 Europe, now

With Europe sun shining bright, and Facebook feeds awash with terracotta buildings, sandy beaches, and food glorious food being enjoyed by travellers right now, it’s time to act on your 2020 travel plans.

For those thinking about next year’s Summer Europe travel, in this uncertain world there is one certainty: The time is now to book. We’ve rounded up seven reasons why you’re missing out if you don’t book now.

1. The best prices, guaranteed

European city

With fluctuating currency exchange, it’s predicted that travel to Europe may be more expensive in the year to come, but the time to act is here now. Our 2020 trips are up for grabs at this year’s prices, for a limited time only. That’s right, this year’s prices. Who doesn’t love a little more in our pockets (or to spend in Europe, if we may…) so if the price goes up next year, then no worries and well done you – because you’ve already booked.

Couple on a street in Dublin

2. …and the price guarantee doesn’t stop there

To sweeten these guaranteed prices even more… take an additional 10% off of your chosen Europe and Britain tours. Now that’s being smart about your buying decisions and making the biggest bang for your buck on the trips we’ll know you’ll love. Happy travellers all round.

Couple overlooking Tower Bridge London

First in, first served
Just like the age old saying goes, the same certainly applies for travel. By booking now, you’re guaranteed a spot on the trip you want, when you want to go. With more than 100 individual itineraries and eight travel styles up for grabs across Europe & Britain, the choice might actually be harder than you think.

Couple travelling Europe

3. The most awarded brand in travel

We travel to have the best experiences possible and come home with the greatest (travel) stories … so why not choose to travel with the best there is? We’re proud to be the most awarded brand in travel and hold more than 90 awards and our passion is to create simply the best experiences for our guests. From bonny Scotland to the Russia to the lemon scented shores of Italy or exotic Morocco… where you want to go for the type of experience you want to have, rest assured that we can take you.

Dining alfresco in Europe

4. Supporting locals in the places that count

10 years ago, we acted on the home truth that the only way to truly connect with the places you visit, is by connecting with the locals themselves. Travel with us and you’ll experience THE original way to get local, Be My Guest experiences welcome you to break bread with locals in their homes. From walking in the footsteps of Norwegian kings, dining alongside the widow of Kennedy’s advisors in her French provincial home or experiencing life on a Portuguese stud farm are just a few of more than 58 Be My Guest experiences in Europe alone. And it gets better, located outside the busy tourist track, these experiences make a positive impact on the local communities, allowing locals to grow their businesses and support their livelihoods as a direct result of our visits. Now that’s feel good travel.

Local experiences only with Trafalgar

5. You’ll join more than half our guests who choose travel with us again annually

A whopping 53% of our loyal guests choose to travel with us again, every year. They know us, they love us, so join them, find out what all the fuss it. And with our loyalty program giving you past passenger benefits, access to secret sales, not just across Trafalgar but recognised across all guided and cruise of our brands as part of The Travel Corporation Family – you’re covered for a lifetime of incredible travel experiences across all 7 continents.

A family travelling Italy with Trafalgar

6. Reassurance you need

You can secure your trip and all these great benefits with a small deposit. Should anything happen and you need to cancel your trip for any reason, our deposit guarantee means that you can use your deposit toward any future trip at a time that suits you.

Trafalgar guests at a cafe in Europe

7. Good times. Good People. Good Everything.

We’ve been delivering on travel dreams since 1947, each day individually created by our team of experts to ensure incredible experiences, every time. Whether it’s touring markets with a local Italian Chef then visiting his villa to cook up a storm, sleeping overnight in a castle, or sipping wine at a the base of Sicily’s Mount Etna with a group of explorers just like you, your days are filled with wow moments from beginning to end.

Glass of red wine

If this isn’t convincing you that the time is now, then we’re not sure what will. So, join those other travellers recognising that the time is now (and over 5 million happy past guests) and lock in your Europe and Britain 2020 travel dreams, now.

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