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7 reasons why we just love our VIT guests

Our loyalty program VIT guests are Trafalgar’s extra special, all-time favourite people to have on tour. They’ve been there, done that, know what to expect on tour and love our Travel Directors like their own family.

It’s easy to join this very exclusive club of travel lovers – you just have to travel with us. Once you hit the road with us you become part of Trafalgar’s loyalty program of “Very Important Travellers”.

We could write a novel on why we love our VIT guests so much, but we’ve condensed it to the seven main reasons.

1. They love our Travel Directors as much as we do

We absolutely adore our Travel Directors. These incredible tour leaders live and breathe what we do, look after our amazing guests and take so much pride and joy in showing off their favourite corners of the world on tour. Unsurprisingly, our VIT guests love our Travel Directors as much as we do. Some ‘Very Important Travellers’ of Trafalgar become such good friends with their Travel Directors that long after the tour finishes they keep in touch and mail Christmas cards years later.

Very Important Travellers Trafalgar know that our Travel Directors are important

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2. They know that travelling by coach is the best way to go

There are plenty of advantages to travel by coach – and out VIT guests know it. Coach travel is safe, super comfortable and really convenient. Travelling point-to-point in air-conditioned comfort (with spongy seats and wi-fi) is hard to beat. Plus, did you know it’s one of the greenest ways to explore the world? Yes, guided tours by coach have a lower carbon footprint per person compared to travelling solo by car or by train.

Trafalgar coach in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge

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3. They get that with Trafalgar, you’re totally taken care of every step of the way

Stress-free travel is possible. Our loyal VITs know that when you travel with Trafalgar every step of the way is totally taken care of. Once you join the tour you can just sit back in that comfortable coach seat, relax and prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. There’s no need to stress about logistics and planning, just lean into the storytelling and fun from your Travel Director.

4. Their loyalty to Trafalgar never ceases to amaze us

We’re really proud to be the world’s most loved and awarded guided touring company, but what keeps us going is knowing that so many of our guests choose to travel with us again and again. Some of our amazing VITs are so loyal they travel with Trafalgar every single year. Some have travelled with us a dozen times, others have taken four back-to-back tours. Trafalgar’s loyalty program actually has a second tier called VIT Plus. It gives anyone who has travelled with us four times or more added benefits like 5 percent off any tour, any time. 

Beatrice Be My Guest host smiling from doorway

5. They understand the benefits of guided travel

Worry-free travel, tick. Dedicated Travel Director, tick. All your questions answered, tick. We love our VIT guests as they understand how it goes on tour. VIT guests know they will really get to know a destination through storytelling and city tours with local specialists. VIT guests know that they will make friends on tour whether they travel solo, with their partner or in a group. Stress-free, safe guided travel and a five-star experience is why our ‘Very Important Travellers’ return to Trafalgar again and again.

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6. They get just as excited for our Be My Guest experiences as we do, as they know they’ll be amazing

Our loyal VIT guests know that while ticking the Colosseum off your bucket list is amazing, nothing beats the warmth of being hosted in a local’s home for an evening of food, wine and laughter. Yes, our special Be My Guest experiences bring a human element to our guided trips that many guests say they remember for years to come. 

Loyalty Program Very Important Traveller of Trafalgar eating outdoors

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7. They share our passion for supporting local businesses and communities

Our ‘Very Important Travellers’ know that travel can make a difference. They share a passion for supporting small, local businesses and know that travel can have a positive impact. VIT guests choose to travel with us knowing that we seek real experiences, whether that means dropping into our favourite vineyard for wine and olive oil tasting, or buying local from third-generation artisans.

Are you one of our ‘Very Important Travellers’ with Trafalgar’s loyalty program? Tell us why you love to travel with us in the comments below…

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