In their own words, why our guests choose guided tours over independent travel

Recently updated on August 14th, 2023 at 04:46 pm

Travel with Trafalgar is a completely unique experience that you only truly understand the value of, once you’ve done it for yourself. We’re proud to be the world’s most loved and awarded guided touring company, and we’re even prouder of the fact that so many of our guests choose to travel with us time and time again.

But why do travellers choose to travel with us, and choose guided tours over travelling independently? Well, rather than us telling you, we asked our community to let us know just why they would choose guided touring time, and time again. Here’s what they had to say, in their own words…

1 – The stories you’re told

“A good guide not only tells you the history of a place but weaves a story that ties the whole trip together” – Ray Moore

Trafalgar tour guide speaking to a group

2 – All your questions, answered

“I love that Trafalgar Travel Directors and Local Guides are so knowledgeable about the destinations. Even when they don’t have a ready answer, they’ll make the effort to find out!” – Susah Toh

3 – Seeing the world with fresh eyes

“We love seeing the world from many different angles. Travel Directors offer these angles plus their knowledge and love of each place.” – Jennifer Phair

4 – Everything you learn

“We have been on three Trafalgar tours now, all with very different Travel Directors. All were amazing, passionate and knowledgeable about the destinations we visited. This is the reason we enjoy touring – we learn so much more than when we travel on our own. My husband loves history, so touring has been wonderful for absorbing all the history that Europe has to offer.” – Joy Young

A local Peruvian woman blessing a guest

5 – Worry-free travel

“From picking you up at the airport to never having to drag a suitcase from the bus, to teaching you about the local culture before you arrive and no line-ups waiting to get in anywhere” – Heather Clark

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6 – Easy solo travel

“I travel on my own so it’s nice to know you can spend months reading the brochures to decide which tour you want and then once booked, knowing you just have to turn up and enjoy – everything is done for you. The Travel Directors are second to none, the coach drivers are superb and you always feel safe. Friends have asked how I do it all on my own, but my answer is that I am only on my own until the tour starts, and then I have a coach load of new friends!” – Tracey Dollman

group of friends eating dinner on a trafalgar private group tour

7 – No hard work

“Tour companies have picked out all the best bits for you! Having someone else do all the hard work for you is so convenient! You can get easy advice on local currency and you don’t have to worry about taking the wrong route” – Janet Green

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8 – …Everything!

“My favorite thing about guided touring is just about everything! All of the planning and arrangements are done for us, which eliminates stress and allows me to relax. Experienced Travel Directors and local specialists ensure an amazing experience and plenty of hidden gems. With Trafalgar my family has had some incredible adventures that would not have been possible if we were traveling on our own! How does a private cruise down the Danube with delicious food sound? Early entrance to attractions before the crowds? Private pub experiences with entertainment just for your group? I could go on and on!” – Laurie Dossett

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Why do you prefer guided tours over travelling independently? Let us know in the comments…

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