Where to find the best street art in Santiago, Chile

If there’s one thing you need to know about Chile’s capital city, it’s that the street art in Santiago is unparalleled. All across the city you can find bright and colourful works of art on building facades and streets created by both local and internationally-renowned artists.

If you want to know where to find the best graffiti in Santiago, look no further than this handy street art guide below. We’ve rounded up the best spots around the city to discover the beauty of Chilean street art. While visiting Santiago on a Trafalgar tour, keep an eye out for all of the incredible Chilean street art that decorates the city — it makes a lovely backdrop for a photo opportunity!

Paseo Bandera

One of the most popular streets in Santiago features an unmissable urban art installation — the art decorates the streets so it’s actually hard to miss. The project, called Paseo Bandera, was designed by Chilean artist, Dasic Fernández, and spans over 35,000 square feet.

Paseo Bandera features three-dimension illusions and each section represents a piece of Chilean history and culture. It’s one of the most impressive displays of street art in Santiago! You can see the display where Bandera meets San Diego Street.

Barrio Franklin

Barrio Franklin is a neighbourhood in the south end of Santiago that’s known for its lively markets and colourful murals. While visiting the Mercado Matadero Franklin or the Persa Bio-Bio flea market, keep your eyes open for street art. The area features large-scale works by several famous artists. The art covers the fronts and tops of buildings and you can catch a glimpse of it basically anywhere you look.

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San Miguel

Another place to discover street art in Santiago is San Miguel. San Miguel is a neighbourhood filled with apartment buildings adorned with colourful murals. The murals started appearing in 2010 and have been a colourful addition to the neighbourhood ever since. San Miguel is outside of down town Santiago, but it’s worth visiting if you want to see amazing art without the crowds.


Bellavista is a lively arts and culture district with an abundance of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. It’s also one of the best neighbourhoods to find street art in Santiago. In fact, many business owners believe that street art on their buildings actually helps draw in tourists and customers.

The area features a number of murals from both famous and up-and-coming artists. You can see the best works on Loreto, Dardignac and Antonia López de Bello street.

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If you’re visiting Chile’s capital, chances are you’ll go to Bandera street. It’s home to historic buildings, including what used to be the National Congress, the Pre-Colombian Art Museum and, you guessed it, lots of street art.

One section of Bandera is a pedestrian only street and is covered in colourful graffiti. The art was created by Dasic Fernández, the same artist responsible for Paseo Bandera. Expect painted streets and murals, as well as a pedestrian tunnel covered in graffiti that’s become a go-to spot for photo opportunities.

Have you had the opportunity to witness the incredible street art in Santiago before?

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